Face of Darkness

I change into a different person each time I walk through those doors

the darkness envelopes me, drowning me in it’s black slimy feel

I pray and sing all the way there, trying to build up resistance

yet every time ****** I walk towards that pit ****** I slide deeper

the grease covered edges *** take away *** any higher clawing grip

unregretting voices grate on and on in vindictive unforgiveness

the stabbing is much like a butcher shop / with fresh meat

putting others down and stomping / on their self-esteem

ruining any chance of good ** growing into grandeur

yet it seems to be the only way they see to exist

daily negativity is how they’ve always done it

blinded by — their — own — disappointment — and — character

// they must drag me down to their low low level \\

snakes slithering in a pile — at the bottom of the pit

I won’t allow my soul to join that slow death

I’m so thankful God guides my life

and has stained glass windows

and is throwing them open

to the fresh spring air