Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

An Ocean of Darkness


the waves fled back out to sea

forcing her toes deep in the sand

decisions to affect more than one

her mind seeing a tiny hand

gales goading easing her forward

emptiness, no thoughts she longed

rocking back her heart in her heels

the darkness clawing beyond

an ocean of fears sinking at once

with each tidal pull down

screams pounding into her head

a dark breath swirling around

the moon baying a sorrow of light

touching a deserted beach

now still all of the sudden

suffering now out of reach



One of the Greats

Emily Dickinson

my favorite below:

Part 4

Time and Eternity


Departed to the Judgment,

A mighty afternoon;

Great clouds like ushers leaning,

Creation looking on.

The flesh surrendered, cancelled,

The bodiless begun;

Two worlds, like audiences, disperse

And leave the soul alone.