Glorious Day, thank you YHVH!

I feel sorry for people looking down on me

they say I joke around too much

yet when I’m speaking a truth for a moment

they say, oh no, that’s just too much

I don’t think they understand

how much peace I truly feel inside

living my life humbly for God

its like a wild rollercoaster ride

they just don’t get that it’s so simple

loving others every chance you get

the love coming back, even when not

giving to others you have zero regret

the peace I feel inside every single day

comes from knowing how hard I tried

not from how far I’ve risen in stature

or worrying about to whom I’ve lied

when you find yourself trying to be a light

of joy, love, compassion and giving

you will find yourself in a new grand world

amongst the Glorious Living


4 thoughts on “Glorious Day, thank you YHVH!

    • what’s this ‘old’ shit? lol hello my friend…you know about those deeper depths, sometimes I worry that even in a simple poem like this one, I’m not reaching anyone. People seriously don’t believe that if you are good to everyone, your life is so much better. I spent many years miserable, and to me the difference is astonishing, but no one believes me when I tell them how happy I really am on the inside. So yea, I like to write deep stuff, maybe hit ya with something tonight, since I just got off work and need to or I may just do some Dr. Suess…hehehe

    • Hehehe. Seems a while.
      True that people may not believe; but maybe it’s because they can’t understand how it could be so.
      Yh! @reaching people with simple writings. Same dilemma at times I face.
      Hehehe. @Dr. Shards! *wink*

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