which reminds me it’s almost Mothers day…..

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To Mom

all the petals of my garden

Love, Dandelion


each time you picked me up

I could run a little longer

each time you held my hand

I felt a little stronger


each time I wavered or fell

you held me way up high

each time I brought you dandelions

you cherished them as birds of paradise


each hour we spent having us time and tea

you showed me how a great Mom should be

each time you taught me faith I learned

I could touch the blue sky and just be me


each time I told you my crazy ideas

I made you wet your pants and laugh

each time I hobbled into a grocery store

after you parked in the handicapped


each time I said I wanted to write

you said I know you’ve got the metal

each time you said I love you

I blossomed a brand new petal