He pokes me in the chest like an errant boy

waking me from my routine of reality

His whispers I have ignored too long

calling to me from dreams and wake

I continue to back up and step aside

confrontation I flee from as fire

preferring blinders to knowing when

trying to avoid what I already know

He demands I pay attention this time

I feel my heart pounding in fear

my understanding falls short by miles

I have so many questions such confusion

not enough answers too many views

which shall I follow which shall I choose

but soon He whispers on this Sabbath

on this eve fast and you will see

I will in hopes He will reveal to me

answers I have begged for and plead

so before sunset I ready my home

no work whatsoever on His Holy Day

not even two words to be written

prepare to worship the only work to be done

I’ve heard it before He’s repeated it again

Honor His Sabbath with rest and Blessed wine

Remember why His Sabbath was divined