YHVH’s Soul

when I think of the Holy Spirit

being YHVH’s own incredible soul

the breath of life flowing through us

whispering pure love His only role

we can hear this ancient breath

as it calls to us each tiny moment

if we ignore the sounds of poison

pouring out around us in discontent

I love the idea that the wicked shudder

each time my feet hit the floor

as the Holy Spirit teaches me

each time I open the wrong door

His love blooms like flowers in the spring

His voice nags at my willful heart

His song sings to me incessantly

His pureness and light the only part

He speaks to me of righteousness

my heart hears the beauty of His story

imagine every single soul blooming at once

changing our world into daily Glory


10 thoughts on “YHVH’s Soul

  1. This was hooot! Some sweet lines there.
    But, you sure the spirit is YHVH’s soul? YHVH -like the Father? Soul -much like a human has a soul? Hmmmmmm………
    Besides that second apparently unclear line, lurve the piece -for keeps!

    • oh no, let me be perfectly clear doc, I DO believe the Holy Spirit IS GOD’S soul! IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE, DON’T YOU THINK??? If He created us in His image, why WOULDN’T he have a soul also??? WHAT ELSE would the Holy Spirit BE??? SOME GHOST???? nope, I’m pretty sure here, I guess NO ONE has thought of it before, but maybe that’s because they aren’t LISTENING to the Holy Spirit, like I am…..or am trying to… but I know I read in scripture somewhere that GOD GIVES US A PIECE of the Holy Spirit to guide us….so why couldn’t it be a part of Himself??? 🙂

    • you’ll probably be able to blog it later or tomorrow…I went to a friends site and I can’t reblog either…right now…it must be technical issues with wordpress again!!! but thanks, I’m happy just knowing you wanted to reblog it!!! I really liked this one too, and to be honest, I had asked the Holy Spirit to give me the words today, and … well… there ya go…. 🙂

    • and I never thought to do an audio reading of my own stuff….I’ll have to think about that….especially since you KNOW how I love to twist the meaning into some lines reading more than one way….I love double entendre’s, but it would be hard to manage both meanings out loud… but fun idea… :O)

  2. Err…an image of God. Not an express duplication. Does God have hands? Nope. He’s a spirit being with no limited form. No where in the Scriptures have I seen this idea; and so, I’ll rather say I know not than deeming it necessary to have an answer.

  3. I learn things from the Scripts about God, but I wait to be sure before being sure.
    If you are sure, what am I to do about that, except to say:
    Don’t go far away from the scriptures; and

  4. Be sure the means of communication has been tested and is infallible. Sometimes we just seem sure twas God only to be corrected much later.
    We could continue the discussion here or by mail. Would be okay to hear your backing.

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