Reigning over Me

yesterday the sun shone for a bit

while I watched my old life surrender

today when I woke up

its raining again and I realized

it was just gone

no more calling out to the past

no more sorrow

for nothing important lost

washed away while I slept

the old desire just vanished

into the night with my dreams

I feel no sadness at this new turn

I’m taking leap-frog size steps

towards the light of my life

and a few seconds from now

I’m dreaming of Glory

a reign of drenching rain

falling like happy tear drops

forming a bright rainbow

over me in a melting cascade

of enormous love


4 thoughts on “Reigning over Me

  1. Yep!!!!! Aha!!!!!!!! This would be one of THEM awesome ones I came across earlier that I couldn’t comment on.!!!! A blast! Luuuurrrve it!
    Sun….rain….waking up…..drenching reign…leap-frog….no sadness….dreams…
    Lovely, shards.

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