my calling

From Deuteronomy 15-24

Today my heart breaks just a bit

as I read through the scriptures Moses said,

do not create any graven image,

be it made of wood or stone, of any tree

or beast or bird, the moon or sunrise across the world,

“of the likeness of any thing…

lest thou be led to worship

or serve them…

for YHVH hath forbidden thee, and He is

a consuming fire, even a jealous God.”

Because as an artist I create:

drawings, photographs and stained glass

meant to be looked at and seen

gazed through on a sunny day

to be light and bring joy in a dark world.

I’ve been walking with YHVH a few years now

taking one day at a time, discovering His Truth

trying to live my life For Him.

Wondering why for years my desire to write

has once again risen up in me taking over,

to be an author for Him, praying He gives me the words,

each day I try to compose something beautiful for Him

to hopefully touch one person, bringing them to Him.

So as I write this down, my heart aches deeply,

at the thought of leaving my art behind.

Is this Your Will, YHVH, Your desire for my life,

shall I walk away from making any graven images

again in my life, to possibly save a soul?

Is it worth my own, to express my art,

is it worth someone losing their’s while gazing at my art?

Could I be ending your life, by creating a piece of art

for you to gaze at on a cold winters day?

My confusion pours down like the rain washing

my windows, ripples of sadness unfold.

I knew of these scriptures, yet told myself repeatedly

it only applies to idols that you worship.

Look at my gravatar, of an unfinished piece with

Yeshuah on the cross.  I DO worship Yeshuah.

But my soul whispers, NO IDOLS AT ALL.

I recently prayed for YHVH to send me a

new camera, so I could take pictures of His Majesty.

Within a week or so, a friend sent me a new camera.

Shall I continue to take photo’s, and just pray no one ever

looks at them in a worshipful way?

My pictures aren’t that great, I know, but still,

it’s a possibility,

someone may pray while gazing at one,

being inspired yet praying NOT to YHVH.

I love to write, for YHVH alone,

but for myself I must admit,

it spills from me in unspoken need

an unending urge, I must write to be complete.

Have I just discovered my true calling from Him?

Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time

trying to make a living by creating art,

but by creating the ONLY art YHVH wants to see.

Oh but it saddens me, deeply my friends,

to discover this Will of His Way.

I reach out again to the Holy Spirit,

to guide me on this path… and pray.


4 thoughts on “my calling

  1. I used to worry about the same thing. I wanted to write SO BAD! I thought, what if I want it too much? More than I want Him? I thought perhaps it was a sin to find such joy in this activity. But then one day He released me, He showed me that He’d given me a gift. When God gives a gift, He doesn’t take it back! He’s given you a gift, my friend, and it’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with it. Will you influence for good? Will you speak of noble things in what you write? I think we already know the answer to that! Also, we’re being romanced by God, the mighty creator. He loves to share attributes of Himself with us! He’s created so much beauty. It’s part of Him that you long to create beauty too!

    • you are soo right…but in my walk, I’m discovering things I don’t want to see….lol of course, I’ll write, for YHVH, everyday! but walking away from my art? its a tough one! everything I’ve ever created in glass is an image…along with my drawings…and my photo’s…I know I don’t love them more, but wow, giving up my art is causing a serious ache! 🙂 and what’s with this “winnyb” stuff??? your alias hobbit? lol

  2. after a loss

    I left my career

    I stopped drawing, creating, painting

    for a couple years


    only you

    can chose

    how to interpret

    the beauty

    of the words


    open your ears, heart

    listen, reflect

    only you can decide

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