Go Right

She walked a lonely cobblestone road

lurching over the stones placed by others

curving slowly around hillsides of wonder

sliding down into gulleys of woe

crying over mountains of wounds

yet always rising up over the horizon

to shine once more another day.

She splashed through muddy downpours

of tears and disappointments

clouds threatening to drench her soul

guided by a single light she saw above

peaking through the leaves in the tree tops

as she danced around the boulders she carried

and skipped part of the way.

She turned to follow a rare trail

so hard to find it seemed almost hidden

she got caught in some clawing stickers

smelling a forest of wild roses posing

as a milestone of how far she had come.

While stumbling over the roots she didn’t see

she fell and scraped her knees repeatedly

before finally finding the path less taken

already in ruins and overgrown heavily

off to the right.


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