short shorts and knobby knees

short shorts

knobby knees

too tall for his clothes

taller than the trees

pants falling off

held on with a carabiner

belt loop to belt loop

some days he’s even leaner

gains a pound in one sitting

eating me out of house and home

short shorts and knobby knees

my son’s idea for a poem



10 thoughts on “short shorts and knobby knees

    • he didn’t write it, lol, we were just kidding around and he walked out in these shorts, and said they were too short showing his knobby knees,…and told me to write my poem about that. glad you liked it, it made me giggle too.

  1. Excellent writing , funny to b sure . Not so funny when your kids are eating you out of house and home . Ha ha … I know the feeling .

  2. BTW, you may have noticed by now that my browser isn’t any saner than I am, and hence I can’t “like” posts as easily as I can comment. And that’s if the comments don’t go into repeat-cut!
    And stop putting my comments on hold for moderation!!!! Arghhh!

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