Daily Prompt: Share the Love

I wasn’t going to do this prompt, because there are SO many different sites that I follow that are TRULY GREAT, but I decided I really should mention the two that have affected me the greatest.  That’s not to say what I write is great, far from it in my mind, but they were the inspiration that kick started many posts.

These two websites have changed my own site, in ways you can’t imagine.  Not only are they great to read, they make you think, but each post these two make, are inspiring to me in totally different ways.  They are sites that literally are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  One drives my creative side, the other toys and tickles at my “belief” side.  Both repeatedly make me laugh, in totally different ways, and both make me think.  A lot!  I admire both writers!

The sites are… duh, duh, duh, duh…… “realityenchanted” and “trentlewin”!  Yes they are both worthy!!!  lol

realityenchanted is written by a young man we call Doc, who is wise for his age, incredibly ornery and will twist those words until you are gone before you get there.  His love of the Almighty God is deeper than the ocean, and his understanding of the world goes way beyond his years.  His writing makes me laugh, out loud, and his thoughts mirror a monkey throwing poo at the fools staring through the glass.  He’s a true cynic, sarcastic on so many levels and each post wiggles in your mind like a worm on a hook.  He has inspired loads of writing out of me, and I can’t thank him enough!

trentlewin is written by Trent, who’s writing I fondly describe as Trentish, because there is no other way to describe him.  I recently petitioned Merriam Webster to add this new adjective to their book, but still waiting to hear back.  He is a genius at creating the most unreal, unimaginable, interesting and humorous stories I have ever read.  He’s blushing as he reads this, because as all truly great writers, he thinks he sucks….but this is simply not true.  If you are ever blocked, or as he would say blocked at both ends, lol, hit his site and he will give you line after line of comedic ideas that are truly one of a kind.  Just don’t tell him I told you where to find them!

Both sites have given me SO much material: I can’t begin to count how many poems and stories they have inspired in just the year I’ve had this blog, but I’d guess maybe 33.333% at least.  lol

So there you go guys, enjoy the GLOW….I love you both for your inspiration and for making me laugh all year long!


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Share the Love

  1. Ah Shards, I am totally blushing and touched all at once. Those are such nice sentiments, and I thank you muchly for lumping me in with Doc, because I respect and admire him as much as I do you. Seriously, I totally need a group hug right now – will send one out over the internet waves.

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