In a Second

they say… someday soon

this may all be gone

just one crazy person

could send us all home

in a blink of an eye

a push of a button

survivors living in dust

a desert all the sudden


they say… are you ready

at this exact moment

without a single prayer

or one begging lament

to face the Holy One

who created the mountains

who’s loved you long enough

who’s done forgiving your sins


they say… He’ll be merciful

but He will judge you fair

I too can’t imagine it all gone

surely He will still care

today is all we ever have

look at the beautiful view

you may go home in a second

you may not in two


2 thoughts on “In a Second

  1. Every now and then I watch science programs that point out that we are walking on a sea of molten lava just below our feet and staring into a sky full of meteors that could come crashing down on us a anytime…guess one should really enjoy the view while they have it. 🙂

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