I wish to be a funnel

a conduit to God

but I’m stuck watching boneheads

chase rabbits shitting chocolate

around their yards

patton shoes smeared with…

you can never be absolutely sure

watching as they both drool and run

I glance towards the Heavens

and say, You cannot hide it from me

I know You have a sense of humor

look at the monkeys picking their nose

where did we go wrong

what step

in evolution did we skip

we hurled ourselves across it completely

it had to be the ‘reasoning’ function

or maybe that ‘desire’ for You

got switched, crossed, fk up obviously

desire preceding reason in a revolting volt

of brainwaves twisting into a pretzel

we reached into the jar and can’t pull

out the delicious apple

what IS it with apples?


4 thoughts on “Hurled

  1. Shards, I am wow-ed! This is impressive.
    So many lines to daze one.
    I am looking up with you…
    And asking each question with you.
    Let’s put this at one of your best yet! You know I don’t say that oft. So it’s honest. At least I didn’t skip the honesty step in evol. Lol!

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