Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories

As a child, I was never read to.  At least I don’t remember if I was.  I was the youngest of 8 children, so I was lost in the crowd a lot.  What I do remember is at around age 6 I began to devour books.  I read everything I could find.  I didn’t have a favorite, I just loved being lost in another world.  I read several thousand books I would guess, as a child, including Nancy Drew Mysteries, Hardy Boys, Box Car Children, Agatha Christie, Harlequin romances, all the old favorites like Moby Dick, and Treasure Island, etc.  All between the ages of 6 and about 16.  But I don’t remember a single time someone read to me as a child.  I’m probably ruining the statistics for reasons to read to your child, but it’s the truth.

The one book I do remember after my brother loaned it to me, I think I was 16 or so, I devoured like a chocolate Carmel sundae:  is DUNE, by Frank Herbert.  Of all the books I have read in almost … well a long time…. this is my favorite.  I have never read any other book in my lifetime that was so detailed, so dramatic, so incredibly stunning in its tale of a religion forming, aliens in space, a true psy-fi MASTERPIECE!  Layers and layers of deep meaning and mystery!  The best book ever, in my book, anyway.

He is truly a great.

And I will tell you this, not only did my sons learn to read by me reading them Discover Magazine articles, but they were read to at bedtime from the great book of DUNE!  (of course we started with Dr. Seuss!)

There’s only one other author that comes close, and that would be Isaac Asimov.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov

Easy for him to say…after he wrote over 500 books!  😉

A real master of mystery in Science Fiction…who has a Phd in Biochemistry.  You can tell by his incredible imagination and intelligence.

My all time second favorite writer!

Pick up ANYTHING with Robot or Foundation in the title, and you will enjoy it, I guarantee it!

Happy reading y’all!


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