Can you come up with one reason to forgive every single person?

When people list off your greatest characteristics….do they include compassion?  Because without it, you probably won’t know how to forgive someone.  Compassion means: benevolence, empathy/sympathy, kindness, Mercy and Grace.  Forgiveness requires these same characteristics.  Plus one: the ability to Love no matter what.   Like when you forgive a child for breaking your vase, they did wrong, might need a bit of discipline, as in no running in the house or off to your room, and you need love, to let go of your anger.  It’s only an object, not nearly as important as the love you are instilling in your child.

If you treat every person in the same way…they may still hurt your feelings, talk about you behind your back, or even stab you in the back depending on the greed/envy/jealousy that resides inside them;  yet you are the one who will forgive them.  You are the one who will need to be the Adult in the situation, the bigger man/woman, and forgive them their stupidity.  Why?  For your own happiness, and the peace you need to reside in YOUR SOUL.

You may be so angry you want to throw something, or punch someone, but BEFORE you get worked up, think about your own soul first.  Don’t let this thoughtless, selfish person RUIN your soul.  Don’t let them have even ONE piece of your PEACE.  Just DON’T.  It’s really very easy.

People ask me all the time: why are you always so happy?   Which I’m not.  This is a misnomer. lol  But USUALLY I am.  Because there is NOTHING on this planet, short of killing my children, that I could not EASILY forgive.   Why let anything upset you?  This IS life!

Even when my boss hires people over me, passing me up, not even offering me the job, it truly does not bother me, for more than about 10 seconds.   I believe she’s bipolar.  I also believe she’s married, unhappy, etc.  AND even if I know WHAT she’s doing is in SPITE and out of MEANNESS, I don’t let it bother me because I know how awful her life is.  I KNOW I’m a great employee, I work hard, and I know I DESERVE more, but at the same time, if I took that other job, I would then have to deal with her EVERY DAY!!!!  And that is NOT on my list of “things to do for fun”!!!  lol  so instead, I make a RIGHT turn…towards a different job.

So the next time you lose your temper because you THINK someone has just RAINED on your PARADE…..STOP!  Think of ONE single reason this person might have done this……and then realize, it’s no big deal.   LET IT GO!

Your creepy neighbor who looks in your windows as he drives by your house?

He can’t help it, his own father abused him, and it altered his brain.

The moron driving 30 mph. on a country road marked 60 mph., the epitome of Sunday Driver?

An old lady who probably shouldn’t be driving anymore, but this is the only time she gets out of the nursing home.

The thief who breaks your car window to steal your stereo.

His father got him addicted to meth at age 13, and now he must steal to survive.

The big boss of the company who decides that the charity you support is undergraduate students, rather than the local food bank that serves 30,000 people and has just lost its funding.

He was raised to believe in trickle down economics.

The church leader who was caught embezzling to support his mistress.

Was raised by a mother who whipped him until he behaved.

The list is ENDLESS folks, EVERYONE HAS A HORRIBLE event, or past, or childhood!   NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE!!! as the song goes. lol

NO ONE has had it GOOD!  You may think they did, or do, because at THIS MOMENT they live in a nice house, with a nice car, and have a nice wife and 2 kids and a dog…….BUT THEY ALSO HAVE a huge mortgage, works at a job they HATE, the wife who is chronically depressed, one child is deaf, the dog pee’s on the floor…..WHATEVER!!!  lol

JUST stop…..before you lose it….and IMAGINE ONE THING that could possibly have made this person hurt you.  THEN LET IT GO!

YOU TOO could be going through life smiling, enjoying it, each MOMENT…. I don’t understand HOW people miss this.  It’s SO EASY!




12 thoughts on “Can you come up with one reason to forgive every single person?

  1. Hehehehe!!!!!!!! We are different degrees of simple. You seem so for some parts, and you are not so simple for others -judging from your post.
    I love and hope for simplicity always. It’s complicated that we just can’t simply accept simple joys of life.

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    In the scheme of things, being mindful of where our treasure truly lies and by whose grace we are saved, this is an excellent point to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I love this. And I for one believe this to be true. Forgiveness is truly a great gift to yourself.

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