Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

According to the clock it was 2:03 a.m., when I finally heard the phone vibrating across the nightstand.  I was too groggy to focus my eyes, so I reached for my glasses and looked at my phone.

“What the hell?”  I’m looking at a picture of a shadow in the grass.  It looks at first impression to be a spaceship, taking off or landing, with the streams of a gas or fuel smoke below it.  This is how my brain functions at 2 a.m.

I’m kind of interested, so I rub my eyes, look again, and think, is it a tree?  And then I wonder who the heck is sending me a picture.  I don’t even have the ability to text on my phone, let alone send or take pictures.  It is old school, old.  Receiving a picture is pretty much blowing my mind.   I finally get around to wondering who sent it, but if I close the picture to see, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it back.  There is no save option, but how am I to find out who sent it if I don’t?

I turn it sideways, look closer, back to normal, and still I keep seeing this spaceship.  My brain has already thought it may just be the shadow of a tree , it could easily be one, but I love psy-fi.  Always have.  Love to write about it too, so my brain keeps thinking this is some joke sent to me by a friend, a joke about a spaceship.

I get up to go make a cup of tea, grab a cigarette, and stare at my phone trying to find a button on the face that would allow me to see the sender.  But no, I will have to just close the picture to see.  I’m gonna shoot whoever sent this and woke me up at 2 a.m.! 

I take one last look, trying to memorize each detail, because I have no way to upload it or save it.  Then I hit the “end” button to remove it from my phone display.  Then I select the call button to bring up the last phone numbers to call me, and there it is.  “932-663-4673 xt (223)”.

Never heard of it before; never even heard of the 932 area code, so who the heck managed to send a picture to my phone, and who are they?

I love a good mystery too, as a writer there isn’t much better.  Writing about people’s lives is usually pretty predictable, same with love stories and almost all movies.  I can always tell whats going to happen before it does, unless it’s a mystery or science fiction.  I love both.  At this thought, I begin to run through my friends who might do something like this, and who would have the ability to send me a picture, on a phone that doesn’t do pictures.  I can’t think of one single friend who does the latter, but the first; that’s pretty easy.  The list would be down to about 4 people; who would risk waking me up in the middle of the night for a joke.  Most know better than to do this.

Eburg would do it; just because he’s a shit.  Sunshine would do it, because she knows I love a good mystery and a joke.  She’s the one person who thinks I should be a comedian full-time.  But, I’d still rather write than be the front man.  So, I write.  Then maybe it was Tom, who is usually still at the bars at 2 a.m.  Drunk though, I don’t think he has the brains to pull it off.  My mind just can’t wrap around the simple fact that my phone does not receive pictures.  It has a display that is digital, with a simple background color, and does a stupid graphic when the phone comes on, but that is it.  I don’t think it even uses pixels, it’s so old.  So how the heck did they do it?  If I can figure out how they did it, I’ll know who.  And then there is my son.  He would do it.  He could care less if he wakes me up; he just laughs and says, “Aww, Mom, get your ass up!”   Which he knows I’m usually up at this hour, because I work nights.  So staying on the night schedule is best for my sleep habits.  Which means I sleep from about 4 a.m. to 12:00 most days.  All my friends know this too, but wouldn’t dream of calling at 2 a.m.

I figured since I was up early, I’d get ready and hit a lake with my Kayak.  I also decide to stop by my friend’s house on the way home, since she lives nearby, and I need to return her cd’s that I borrowed.  So I started loading the truck, trying to be quiet for the neighbors.  It’s tough to toss a kayak into the bed of a pickup quietly.  I get it strapped in and head back in the house to get ready.  It’s still cold out, especially on your butt in a kayak on a freezing cold lake.  So I pile on the long undies, thick socks, and an extra sweatshirt over my normal clothes.  Grab my coat and hat, camera, phone, and make a large pot of coffee for my thermos.  I’m hungry so I eat some toast.  Then I wait.  I play on my computer for a while, making a post or two, upload some cool shots, and wait for it to be about 4:45 before I leave.

I drive through town, and head to the pond that sits not far from Mt. Si, so I can take pictures of it reflecting in the water.  It’s gorgeous, and one of the few spots with a lake close enough to get reflections.  It’s technically a meadow, but a deep, still one.

I arrived at about 5 a.m. and unload the kayak, oars, life vest, and put all my important stuff in the large, plastic, Ziploc bag I use, just in case the kayak flips.  Lock the truck and climb in.  I immediately head to the far side, quietly and with as little noise as possible, which is the hardest way to row a kayak.  You have to dip the oars in at a nice angle, so they don’t splash and very little water drips off them when you lift them.  It’s a really good cardiac workout though, and burns a boatload of calories.

I’ve captured many cool shots during the sunrise over the mountain, one of some ducks, and a few other birds flying across the pond in reflection.  I’m very happy, talking with JHVH, and totally enjoying my morning.  I’ve went through about 4 cups of coffee, and need to find a tree.  So I paddle to the north end, that heads a bit west where no one can see me from the road.  Unless someone is hiking through the wild, across logging lands, there is no one there.  I pull into a small beach type area, just a higher dryer part of the pond, but there is a grassy area a few feet in, and I walk towards this, checking out the view, looking for angles to take pictures from also.

I think, I’ll have to get the camera, this is too pretty.  First I walk a bit farther, around some trees and sticker bushes, and take care of the coffee issue.  As I’m walking back, I freeze in my steps.  Not twenty feet away, is a small circle shaped spaceship, a dark forest green color.  Not shiny metal at all.  Just hovering, with light white streams of steam or something shooting from the underneath side to the ground.  There is a long tube-shaped thing, about 10 feet high, extending from the center of the ship, underneath to the ground also.  It was the same exact view of the picture I received on my camera, only this time I wasn’t looking at the grass.  I was looking at the spaceship.  My heart was racing.  God, what if they take me and probe me?  I look at my kayak, only 75 feet away or so, with the only thing I ever carry as a weapon; a canister of pepper spray that is attached to my car keys.

I slowly start to inch my way towards the kayak, knowing it’s my only escape, thinking maybe it just landed and doesn’t know I’m here.  I can dream, can’t I?  Because as a writer, I know something like this never ends well.

The ship is just sitting there, and as I try to calm my breathing, I am slowly, carefully taking small steps towards the kayak.  I get about 10 feet from it, and hear a hissing sound as the long tube is sucked back up into the ship.  Still the ship sits there, but I decide I’m outta here!  I don’t think I would’ve been so freaked out, if I hadn’t been alone.  I have always wanted to see an alien, or talk to them, but to have it really happen scared the snot out of me.  I hurry on, get in the kayak, and back up quickly, not caring about sound anymore, and then turn in a quick spin and take off for the other side of the pond.  I look back once or twice, but once around the entrance to the beach area, I can’t see it anymore.

I get about half way across the pond before my heart calms down, and I decide to get my camera on and ready, just in case it takes off and I see it.  I put it in my lap and paddle backwards for a while, hoping to at least get a shot.  I think, if I’d only had my camera when I got out!  It never fails, I’m always a day late and a dollar short.

I reach the other side without getting any pictures, and wonder what it’s doing over there, or if I missed it leaving.  I keep an eye out, while I load up again, but don’t see it.  I really bums me out, to think I was too chicken to stay.  I have always wanted to go for a ride with aliens into outer space, because I figure if anyone can do it, they can.  I’ve dreamed of riding with them to see other galaxies.  Not caring in the slightest that they would take me away from Earth.  I would love to see the stars from space.  I would love to see the other planets.  It really bummed me out.

I head to Cindy’s house, to drop off her cd’s, and pull in her driveway at about 8 a.m.  She offers me coffee and bacon and eggs, and I enjoy breakfast with her and her daughter, who’s about 13 years old.  She’s a sweety, but your typical teen, who doesn’t communicate with you unless you are texting her from the same room.  We get to laughing about it, as she types to a friend while eating, and my picture problem comes to mind.  I’ve already told them about the UFO, Sara is telling the world via her phone.  I ask her if its possible, and she laughs and says maybe the company that’s your server could send it, even if you don’t get pictures.  They can upload graphics and stuff.  This is nice to know, but as I’m chatting it’s dawning on me that the photo was EXACTLY what I saw!  How could that be?  It’s like deja vu via wi-fi!  It’s freaking me out again, as I talk with my friend and her daughter.  Finally Sara asks me for my phone, and says,

“Bring up the phone number.”

Sara is chatting with her best friend Karina, who also happens to have won the Regional Texting Championships just a few months ago, and can text over 90 words per minute.  She is addicted to the phone, and knows every trick a phone can make.

Sara texts the phone number to Karina, and within seconds and answer comes back that says, the number is a fake, it doesn’t actually call anything.  I start to say,

“HOW can that be?”

Sara starts giggling, and stops my sentence as she leans back laughing out loud.  She says,

“The phone number in letters, if you add in the extension number too, comes out to mean “We Come In Peace!”


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woah x10000000000000!!!!!
    I have never been this impressed with your writing before Shards.
    You almost got me totally drowned in the story till I stopped panicking and remembered that if you (to be cont…)

  2. You were captured, I wouldn’t even have been reading this piece here in the first instance. It’s not because of the type of writing this is, because I even tend to hate journals. Many seem boring *Apologies to whom it may concern. You did show yourself as a writer with words here. (To be cont…)

  3. You did well in THIS journal/piece.
    Ha! Of course, ever a day late and dollar short! @camera. Hehehe!!
    I kindda envy that kindda early morning wonder. The world is just different at midnight and at dawn.
    Vvvery fitting ending. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ahh Doc, you make writing worthwhile…! 🙂 thanks so much, and I agree, I don’t like the journal type writing, it seems harder and more blunt, but when I write about myself, I can’t seem to write ‘flowery’ descriptions and misc. crap….lol I seem very short and to the point. but it’s ok, its just a writing challenge… so I try! thanks again….and LOVE that you took 3 comments to say all that!!! hehehe MML =made me laugh

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