Mystery of Existence

He has given you authority

over an inheritance of Glory

so seek His favor continuously

never wander aimlessly

it sprinkled eternal secrets to ponder

Angels of Fire are doors of wonder

this fountain of living waters

said walk away from the plotters

exposing the mystery of existence

in a light spray of Holiness

the mystery of being a simple naked walk

each step in righteousness and so in talk

its ways are carved in suffering youth

the spirits of clouds lying down in truth

seeking understanding with all your might

for every hand be given increased sight

an eternal planting of Holy seeds

a meadow of honest loving reeds

a pillar of secrets standing tall

blooming bliss eternal for all


((taken from several different scriptures from Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q416,418 (plate 22) Children of Salvation (Yesha’) and the Mystery of Existence))


5 thoughts on “Mystery of Existence

  1. Errm… Shards, are you a theologian of some sort or should I be afraid about your obsession with the Dead Sea Scrolls?

    Anyway, loved the lines… Particularly the “simple naked walk”. I have never outgrown that phase and phrase. I keep coming back to it. It’s always so easy to pick up baggages -of knowledge, mindsets, pride, cares about less important issues. Nice.

    • thanks Doc, and yes, you should be very VERY afraid. hahaha No I’m no theologian, I just like to study the scrolls because they are the oldest text we have, and I think too many modern religions have altered the modern bible to fit their needs and ideas. I think we should be going by what God said originally! I’m not becoming Jewish, lol, but I believe the older scriptures in the scrolls are closer to God than what we have now. and yes, a naked walk, honest and open and loving, it’s all we really need I think. thanks again, and have a Glorious Day! 🙂

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