Have you ever said, “Let there be light!” as you turned on a light switch?

God said, “Light Be!”  and it was.

Do you know God Spoke us into being?

With Words.  Just His Words.

What kind of being creates with Words?

You may think, an author of course, or a poet of pretty prose.

God did not use a laptop, or magic wand,

He wouldn’t need a magic bean.

He just exhaled love and we became.

Some forget He created the Heavens and our planet, light and darkness.

Then He stopped… and gave us choice.

He didn’t give us a brain like a fish, He gave us imagination.

Then He gave us inspiration.

He gave us exponential abilities, that could grow into infinity.

Most importantly, He gave us the ability to create with Words.

Just like He does.

What will YOU do with your Words? 

What path will you follow?

Will you write a smut novel and make millions?

Will you write a novel about celebrities to embarrass them and have a good laugh?

Or will you Create?  Bring Light?  Inspire Imaginations?

We were created in His image for a reason.

Or we would be fish.


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