Weekly Writing Challenge: Abstraction

the painting dripped runny bees

the spider sees a hundred flea’s

the artist screaming out in theory

the canvas’ ears are oh so weary

the fallen hair now a tumbleweed

rolls up hill following a bead

wishing somehow it was thinner

the spider broods it’s in his dinner

the canvas dreams of sculpting a brush

always musing the paint’s in a rush

the giant dustbunny hops away

the spider sunbathes only on hump day

the canvas reflects on the heedless pair

the artist pulls out her long brown hair




(The photo is a shot of the river, upside down, with color and light altered.  Not necessarily abstract, yet fun to make.)


5 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Abstraction

  1. Wow, is that pretty or it is pretty …or i don’t know how to express myself …that’s how i get when i admire something…and i admire you!!!….so beautiful BOTH!!!! 😉 🙂

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