The Holy Spirit Teaches My Soul

My soul soars with Eagles

circling the sky at sun setting,

the Holy Spirit whispers to me

“Land my love, you’re forgetting.”

My soul is chastised once again

I’m not here to play a part,

the Holy Spirit comforts me

“I know you’re a child at heart.”

My soul is fickle, one day filled with joy

the next running from the hell of hounds,

the Holy Spirit rides the rollercoaster

“I’m here through all the ups and downs.”

My soul longs to join its Miracle Maker

the Holy Spirit knows this place will cease,

I’m just tired from a long, hard journey

“Eternity is an infinity of peace.”

My soul reaches out like fingers

I pray to reach at least just one,

trying to touch those lost like me

the Holy Spirit says, “Well Done.”


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    • slightly? lol I think I forgot to tag these two with the word “fiction”~~! think I better go do that…… before they arrest me for talking to the voices in my head! hehe

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