On Her Knees

On Her Knees



The old woman got down on her knees that night,

her bones shooting stars to brighten her pain,

the hard cold floors a batholith of wall,

the nightmare still playing like rain.

Normally she would just chat with God,

like one old friend to another,

but tonight it needed to be official,

on this night she was just an old mother.

She’d prayed, and asked, begged on end,

to smite this evil that had taken him,

trapping his days, stealing his youth,

destroying his life on an evil whim.

She cried out, ‘It won’t let him go!’

but no one seemed to hear,

she needed a true massive Miracle,

to save the one she held so dear.

She worried that it was her lesson to learn,

not real Faith in God’s Will to be,

His decision, His plan, it wasn’t necessary

now stop nagging Him incessantly.

Yet no answer came, she held on to the bed,

while praising her Lord with each word,

her knees were screaming ‘Get off the floor!’

but she vowed to stay ’til she was heard.

Her prayers went on quiet and intent,

thinking her suffering might be enough,

yet a voice in her head said ‘Look to Jesus!’

‘Was His anguish and suffering tough?’

She knew she could never measure up to that,

her rheumatoid pain was just too much,

pulling herself up off the floor slowly,

rejected… she felt a gentle touch.

A hand was helping her up off the floor,

her legs shaking, the blood rushing in,

Then she heard the voice in her head say,

‘God will cast out the evil within!’


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