“…that everyone you meet, will be blessed by you…”

((repost #2! disregard with my blessings if you’ve read it before….BUT out of almost 300 posts, I think this one is truly the MOST IMPORTANT thing I have ever posted!!  So I’ve decided to post it monthly…or until I no longer get new followers!  SO WHEN you see it reposted, feel free to skip over it…..BUT DON’T FORGET THE TITLE!!!  This is what I want you to REMEMBER!!!  That is what I want you to see in your reader!!!  It’s subliminal! hahaha  I pray it will eventually sink into all of your brains and help you in YOUR walk with God!))


“… that everyone you meet will be Blessed By YOU…”


Those are the words I heard the loudest in the video I posted a few days ago.

Such a simple line, yet so FULL of love and great WISDOM.

Even something as simple as a smile, can change a life.  Change a bad day to good.  Change sorrow in a blink to contentment.

Each one of us, humans, living on this planet could in one single day, change the course of our lives as a species.

Change one person’s despair to hope.  Stop one person from hating, if only for a moment.

Even if your own life seems horrible, if you take a moment to reach out with love to someone else, it will lighten the pain.

Jesus is quoted saying “For My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light.”  Matthew 11: 29-30

Yet over the years, I’ve come to believe that He did NOT mean His burden was light-weight.

He meant His greatest burden here, was ENLIGHTENING the world.  He was the LIGHT!

That was His true burden.  Teaching us how to go through each day, enlightening others.


So today, while you go through this hard, sometimes lonely and cold life, ALWAYS try to touch at least one person and be a blessing to them in some way.  Large or small, no matter what kind of beliefs you may have, reach out and bless someone else today, with a bit of love.

You will discover if you don’t already know, it WILL bring joy into YOU, as well as them.  It’s a win-win!

This is the way to be the Light.  And each time, you bring a bit more light into your own soul, lightening your own burdens.

I will pray today that EACH ONE OF YOU has a wonder filled AND fully Blessed day, wonderfully filled with smiles, love and laughter.


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