Daily Prompt: Places

Hand me a walk through a meadow, and I immediately smile.  Give me a moment at the top of a mountain, and I live for another day!  Sitting by a lake, I pop another pill, and float into a new dimension.  It’s the placebo effect, these places I go.

The best hallucinations are the ones where my kayak is at rest, on the far side of the lake in almost complete silence from the industrialized world, only hearing birdsong, the creaking of the forests, and the chatter of squirrels; I watch an Eagle circle a bit, then dive with everything he’s worth, only seconds before plunging in his feet come down, claws spread out like rays of painfully bright light, the huge splash, then swoop, swoop of his enormous wings and he’s off into the sunrise with a fish freaking out as he rises to Heaven, gasping at every swoop.

The ecstasy the day I watched two baby elk pounce like Tigger in circles around the female herd in blatant joy; side by side, each hopping in unison, not once running or jumping, just bouncing their little playful hearts out!

I see actual Glory, in all it’s Glory; I cannot imagine God surrounded in anything else.  Yes I consider all of nature to be Glory because there is nothing we know of in our own created, manufactured world that even comes close.  You can imagine swirling light, or a very beautiful man with big clear blue eyes, (even though any sane person knows Jesus had to have been dark-skinned and dark-eyed, he was Mediterranean, duh,) or you can picture an old man with a white beard surrounded in blinding light you can’t see through, or even look at.  But I think that is just silly.  Why would a Passion Flower be so intricately beautiful to us, or a Hummingbird need to reflect light, sparkling??  Worms find mates, so why would evolution need to go to this extreme?  Picture a peacock!  A fabulous creation.  Check out the Hubble photographs of universes.  Or the spectacular panorama of purple tinted mountains with red giant Maples spotting the carpet of green?  Why would leaves need to turn red, then yellow, then brown, when they could just as quickly turn brown like others do?   These are unnecessary adaptations in any scientific terms, yet blow our minds with what our minds immediately recognize as beautiful.

You can read Zen books, or study philosophy until you’re blue in the face, but this place I live is filled with such Glory there is no need for me to meditate or sit in a therapy session.  I’ve lived in countless places in the United States, and here I found pure Glory.  Give me  a walk through a dripping forest and a shimmering creek reflecting like diamonds and I will call this place home.


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