Things that make me go … hmmm! UPDATE BELOW….


the velvet hillsides remind me of … Elvis  

 Things that make me go … hmmm!

Is it just me, or does Snoqualmie Valley look to be in the center of a meteor crater?  See the rising mountain in the middle?  And the obvious ring of mountains surrounding it?  I’m standing on the south side of this ring.  This also happens when meteors hit, they raise the center in a rebounding point.  Since all of this area was part of a volcanic arc a million years ago, I wonder which it is?  Crater or just dead volcanoes?   Think I’ll have to check with the UW….


After chatting with two professors from the UW today, I have nicely been informed I know nothing!!!  lol  No surprise to me.  What they told me, is this little peak, Fuller Mountain, is about 47 million years old.  It has been FORCING itself up through the Earth, and was definetly magma at one time, cooled underground, and is rising through the surrounding mountains.  It was formed in the Eocine epoch of the Tertiery period, millions of years AFTER Mt. Si was born.  All the mountains surrounding this rock, are the same age as Mt. Si, and are from the Mesozoic period, 250 million years ago.  All of which have survived MANY glatiation periods, the Cordilleran Ice sheet, which was over a 1000ft HIGHER than the surrounding mountains and flowed past us and up to the Snoqualmie pass area….WOW!  That’s big!  The ice sheet was so heavy, sea levels were 100 meters higher than they are today.  Plus the Wisconsin ice sheet that only ended about 10,000 years ago, that pretty much covered the top third of Wastington state, both ice sheets buried our mountains, but they have survived and continued to RISE.

Now picture in your mind, solid ice as far as you can see, with only Mt. Rainier’s peak visible…. so cool.

I learned MASS amounts of info today, THANK YOU GOD, (that I won’t bore YOU all with,) for wonderful kind giving professors, who were actually EXCITED to chat with someone SO ENTHUSIASTIC!  hehe  I guess their students are bored daily, but I AM NOT!  lol


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