..and the wheels under water go round and round….


Created one day when a square wouldn’t work,

an ancient soul chopped off the corners,

poked sticks in the middle and off he went.

Rolling beat dragging any day of the week,

smoothing out the haul over bumpy roads,

soon filled with joy and intent.

Changing distance into curves and links,

pulling pounds and churning water into power,

altering life as we know it in a single bend.

Who would’ve known an arced blessing,

could change the lives of struggling apes,

in a crooked world rolling by in the wind.


(…..Just thought this was cool, it came out of the old power plant under Snoqualmie Falls, I think it was part of the old turbines, but don’t hold me to it! The power company has been replacing them and updating the power plant that is run by the falls over the last three years.)


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