Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

(Name 6 unique or odd things about yourself.)


People may say I’m far from normal, but I ignore my family.  hehehe  From childhood, the one unique thing about me was I was the baby of 8 children, the only family larger in the area had 13, and some rare inbred issues.  Since I’m cresting that enormous hill in age, it’s not a big deal anymore, but it does make for some wild and crazy holidays when we get together.

I love it when an old friend finds me on Facebook and says, so what have you been doing for 30 years….it takes an entire novel to answer that question with even the basic info.  Here’s one reason, starting at my senior year in high school I have lived in 9 different states: born in Indiana; dragged kicking and screaming to Arizona my senior year, and I will probably never fully forgive my parents for that little mistake; joined the Navy to get an education and see the world, but only saw Florida and the armpit of the world, Mississippi; got the hell out and moved to Missouri; then Virginia, Colorado, and California, finally coming to rest in GLORIOUS WASHINGTON, where I hope to die paragliding or by getting eaten by a bear…..because I am an adventurer.  Although I have considered moving to Alaska!

I’m a total rockhound.  Which means I go looking for rocks, the crystalized kind, and instead of your cute little figurines or pottery type knickknacks, at my house you will find rocks.  From petrified wood, quarts, amethyst, flint, malachite, asbestos, obsidian, olivine, tourmaline, and even granite to pyrite, salt and marble, you will know in a flash I am a rockhound.  At one point, I even had a small river in my livingroom…but my stupid cats kept peeing in it.

Also, I’m a bit odd about being one of the few people in the US who is not looking to get wealthy and buy material things that make me look good to others.  I could care less about having a big house or fancy car, expensive shoes or nice clothes.   I only spend my money on things that bring me enjoyment.  Although my oldest son has been raised to believe that when he makes his first million dollars, he’s required by law to build me a cabin in the woods.  I would rather squeak by each month and spend my fancy clothes money on a day paragliding; or blow my high heels money on a new kayak, which I did.  Of course, this I do now that my children are grown, before that they sucked up every dime I ever made.  I also roll my own cigarettes to save myself over $200 a month so I can take off and go visit friends or drive the coast….because sitting in a big fancy house is boring.

For my only official flight away from North America I went to Hawaii a few years ago, and swam on a night dive with Manta Rays.  It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done, except for paragliding, there is nothing more exciting, even though everyone said I was insane.

It’s dark, eerily so, and you are in the ocean a mile or so off shore, thank God with other people.  Because I saw Jaws… and can never get it out of my mind completely when I’m swimming in the ocean.  It’s surreal, the quiet, muffled noise you hear, as your body floats a bit back and forth with the tide pulling.  Everyone snorkeling holds a flashlight aimed down, and the divers sink to the bottom about 50 feet down and hold flashlights that are aimed up, making a huge column of light.  Only seconds go by before they come, 8 feet across, or more, their mouths dropped open like a giant-sized vacuum cleaner, elegantly flying, dancing in slow huge circles, arching their backs as they flip a u-turn up and away from you.  Their soft black eyes watching you, but in an unmenacing way.  They looked curious to me, but this was the usual spot for the event, so they were probably used to it; although I wondered if they thought we were chumps, feeding them their dinner.

Lastly, but most important to me, is my incredibly journey trying to walk in Jesus’s huge shoes.  I don’t go to a church, haven’t for many years.  Most everyone I know, with only a few exceptions, are people who are kind, mean, generous, loving, hating, and going through life with only one thing on their mind: themselves.  I try not to sound sanctimonious here, but I personally have discovered that my way of life is the best.  Not the only way by any means, but for me it has become my life’s goal.  All the other crap just falls to the way side, partly due to my artistic nature, but I quit pursuing a career years ago.  I quit on the dream to have enough money I would feel secure in my old age, because I learned at some point, we only have TODAY.  That’s all we are ever promised.  I have also learned that to change the world, we must and can only change ourselves.  I reach out to others each day, trying to be the light, trying to love them a bit, in case no one else is.  I give what I can, when I can, and get so much joy out of it.  All anyone needs to do is ask, and I am there.  I make mistakes, huge mistakes, but I don’t let them become me.

I’ve learned in half a century, loving is the key.  The only answer.  The one thing that makes us intelligent beings is to love one another.  All the stupid useless questions about where do we come from, why are we here, who is God, which God is right, whose beliefs are right, are we just evolved atoms splattered to Earth from the cosmo’s….is all bullshit.


Peace out…


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

  1. You are not so far from normal at all.
    I have a big relatives of over 50 cousins! A relative-gathering always equates to pandemonium. I’ve been to a good number of states. Actually, most of which, you mentioned here. I love rock formations. And you know how much I feel about material purchases versus activities.
    See? We are all abnormal! 😀

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