Father’s Hat

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Father’s Hat

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Father’s Hat



creaking limbs withered sit a spell

a seedling climbs precariously well

trying to be just like him

integrity overflowing the brim

pretending, the soft worn hat rose

a fedora of giggles tilting to his nose


9 thoughts on “Father’s Hat

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  2. She teased us here! Deliberately wickedly making that unmistakable nose. That inevitably led us to seeing the perfect shape of a man. The deal was sealed by the hat.
    Voila! We have the perfectly creepy picture of a man torso-buried in stones. What are his fingers doing?
    Shards, this poem was secondary to the idea you got from interpreting the pix. No way this poem is a direct reference to that pix. Or is it?

    • well doc, I see an old man sitting on a couch, with the hat across his knee….and it’s titled Father’s Hat by the artist Katleen, so I added in the small son playing with the hat! I DO not see anything creepy….his hand is resting in his lap…????? take another look would ya…lol I think the nose you are seeing is his pants crinkling around his knees….. but to each his own I guess… but maybe you should see an eye doctor just to be sure…hehe or lay off the alcohol…hehehehhe JUS KIDDIN 🙂

  3. or maybe it’s his hat laying on top of his coat, crinkled up….not his knee, but I am torn about the hand now, it does look a bit like a child reaching for something, … OK, I’ll quit drinking too!!! 🙂

  4. hihi,
    the most clear thing in the painting is my father’s hat and yess, it is resting on his knee and yess his hands are resting in his lap
    and yess there was lying a crinkled coat and yess i like it when people see a lot of things appearing in my paintings…. that’s what happens also to me while painting
    but for sure, the poem is a nice tribute to my father who likes and writes poetry and knows the good vitamins of laughing,
    take care

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