Daily Prompt: All About Me

Daily Prompt: All About Me

(Why did you choose your blog title?)




I didn’t choose my blog title, my friend did.  I asked for suggestions on my Facebook site one day, got several I can’t mention here, because my friends know me too well…but my friend Sunshine, who is just that, came up with it to describe all the different facets of me.  She knew I am a writer at heart, first and foremost, maybe not a great writer, but one who is a lifelong addict.  She is an artist herself, painting herself into her gorgeous landscapes and abstracts, and has always loved my stained glass creations, which to me is an honor from someone else so very artistic.

As you probably guessed, the Shards of me are many; writer, poet, amateur photographer, artist in drawing, and a tomboy through and through who loves to use power tools, ie., grinders, soldering iron, saws and screw guns.  I get my joy in making stained glass from the simple love of working puzzles, something I shared with only my Father, spending hours and hours putting huge difficult puzzles together when we were snowed in.  Which is what I do after drawing the picture for the stained glass, I then have to redraw the lines into a puzzle of sorts, so that the seams are supportive, yet all part of the flow of the picture, and of course, piece it together.

I also get my love of sick little limericks from Dad, which I usually try to tone down from what he taught me over the years, giggling for many hours at a time, into the poems I create.

I only have one photograph in my home that my Father took, it is framed on my wall.  It is all I have left of him to remind me that he passed on to me my creativity and love of photography and poems.

I am not only a writer with deep thoughts, I am also your typical woman, who has had her heart broken many times, lived a very hard, poor life with only one sure thought ever in my mind: God.  My creator, who created everything I love and see each day, and try to capture in my art.

Thus, the many scattered colors and thoughts and broken bits of… Shards of DuBois.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: All About Me

  1. I have to admit, 1TB will not be enough to store the contents of SOD 101. Wow!!! But, you sure this is even up to half of you? Yet you call it all about you. The things I know that are not written here are up to what you have written here in capacity.
    You might have made a great chess player. Yep, amateur photographer over half of whose photography post titles carry the words “lol”. You draw?

    • haha, alright, it’s only about 1% of me…but I didn’t want to bore the readers to tears, and the prompt was only about the Title of my blog, not the entire history of my sad little life. lol and yes, I draw, with pencil and charcoals, but usually only for the stained glass pieces I make. It appears no one can afford to buy my stained glass, (its very expensive to make) let alone the drawings I make, so I don’t post any of them. Photography is so much more fun, and God’s artwork is the BEST! No one does it better. and I don’t play chess, because I can’t possibly think that far in advance….its been my downfall many a time, not planning far enough ahead…because I try to live each day one at a time…we just never know when it will be our last. learned that one again just recently… but I would kill you at a game of checkers!!! lol and where is your prompt for the reason of your title on your blog??? huh? oh enchanted one… lets see you explain that in a few short paragraphs!! 🙂

    • thanks Katleen, he was a really cool guy, ornery as hell, just like me, loved me through many hard times, and I miss him alot… he gave me so much, that I’m sad to say he didn’t get to see develop in me before he passed….but his greatest gift of all was laughter, and I thank God for each day we did have together.

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