The most beautiful couple I know… my nephew Josh and his new lovely wife Steffi!!

Both stars dancing in Ballet’s around the world! Bless them for many many years, Lord!

They just make life beautiful!


A Trillion Stars…


a trillion stars in the night sky

ticking along in their own time

managed to time to


a massive star

on the day of His birth


a blood red moon

on the day of His death


yet still you question


this massive star

moved south leading

learned men on

and then stopped


moving in retrograde


this blood red moon

began three hours before

Yeshuah’s death

was full on red

as Yeshuah died

and gone three hours after


and still you question


why did God make the heavens?

for us to worship… love… gaze at?

NO! They are HIS CLOCK! His Massive FATHER CLOCK!

They show us exact moments in time when we should celebrate, rest, honor Him,

and follow His timeline for us.

DID YOU KNOW that in 3AD… Jupiter was amazingly bright as it moved directly south from Nazareth, leading the Magi to Jerusalem, then retrograde for some time, hovering straight above “where the child was”, before moving backwards.  At the same time, the moon was sitting directly below the constellation Virgo! Giving rise to a NEWLY BIRTHED MOON!

DID YOU KNOW that in 33AD… there was a full eclipse, bringing out the stars at noon and turning the moon blood red at 3 pm, approximately the time Yeshuah took his last breath?? The moon that day rose with an eclipse already started from below the horizon. And of course you’ve heard of the massive earthquake that rocked the entire area, including the temple, ripping the veil in half.   

It’s like GOD placed a giant sized map up there for us, and is just waiting for us to see it… for the first time.

These astrological events are from written documents and scientific histories of the time…

not the Holy Bible or DSS or Tanakh!!!


The Window Frame

mountain 1

the window frame sagged

her finger trailed through dust

the floor rose up in a swirl as she passed

the ratty piece of carpet lying just here

and there

along with the memory of clattering dishes

burnt onions and a hunched vacuum cleaner

still plugged in

Perry Mason arguing a case

echoing behind naïve voices arguing a case

floating on the mites fleeing for cover

as the ancient desk filled the room

struggling to hold up

the rainbow of folders and fluttering notebooks

flying their way to the floor

one by one

some finding refuge on the paisley cushion

crushed into a canoe and now home to mice

becoming a new roof on a den

but the pen

chewed cap still in place

lay amongst her life

listing as her last thoughts lay beneath

… eyes blurring she blinked the words into focus

“YOU completed me… still, they suffered. Why…

didn’t You tell me?”

a sigh escaped as a rolled and worn sheet

leaped with hope

tapping once before finding rest

while its turbulence chases a fur ball

into fleeing for the sunshine

through the front door swinging wide

and following its own dream

of becoming a butterfly


for Jeannie XXOOO

Preacher Mountain

mountain 2

It seemed odd

how He pulled at me

glimmering with each wandering of the clouds

speaking so softly

He interrupted

not rudely

but with a deeper presence

strong and demanding my attention

I ran into His outstretched arms

my willing answer

to His earth shaking call


by love

each time the light rippled

across His smile



I had no idea what it’s name was until just now.

I probably shouldn’t trust google maps.

It made me smile… my own preacher mountain.

One day… I shall make an important statement

from the top of that mountain…

or not…

it reminded me of ice cream

made from fresh freezing snow

and lots of turning, turning, turning

old school, kiddies

God created it just for me….

for that alone I praise Him!


Some say it’s green…

blue view between trees

Some say it’s green here all year,  but I see the blue. So if the trees are green… then the sky must be yellow, or it wouldn’t be blue… true?

The overcast blurs my life into a haze, my mind follows along in step, yet the blue’s don’t depress me. They ease the glare of winter white, coloring the darkness that touches everything into a peaceful deep ocean blue. They never get me down, but instead give me a few moments of peace, the peace you feel in the silence, while standing all alone in a foot of snow beneath giants.

I drove here, the other day, just four miles from my house, yet a wonderland of whitened beauty with only the sounds of snow falling and branches creaking under it’s weight.

You may see darkness and gloom, but I see the same sapphire blue that God carved the original commandments into. His was stone, mine is sky.

This world of blue never harms my soul.

It only holds back my heart for a time, then lets it burst into fresh joy when spring comes along and I get to fly again. Above these magnificent giant green trees, where I frantically learn to tell the difference between trees and grass from a thousand feet above the earth. We fall at the rate of something like ten feet per second, which gives me what… a minute or so to find a landing spot. You say “eek”… but I say “GOD!!!!”

All right before begging for help. Still, sometimes I wish I could fly in winter, without my eyeballs freezing and my hands breaking off… just for the winter beauty. Landing would be softer, I must admit. So maybe some warm, really warm winter day I just may try it… someday far in the future when I’m a good pilot, and not a beginner.

But if you ever get to see the blue, inhale it. Breathe it in deeply… it is pure peace!

Winter Strength

beauty in winter

fingers trailing

flowers on a railing

tangled ropes

into strangled hopes

washing away the bone

      of a faceless stone

pounding tears

casting mirrors

confessing rage

carving a new page

in a river of deepest chill

      do you have the will

      do you

The Power

rocks with water 2

the power

to move mountains

one rocky bit at a time

begins with a tear drop

or two

cast together

shameless and unswerving

lured by a deep desire

becoming a legion


by a singular longing


picking up speed



unable to resist

only restrained

by reflection


a tiny grain slips away


by another

and another






Politicians who SWEAR in public that they are Christians in one breath, and declare in the next that they WILL CARPET BOMB innocent people… ARE NOT CHRISTIANS! In an old school word…

they are WAR-MONGERS! AND THEY ARE EVIL!! Simply EVIL in a modern world! ALL BASED IN GREED!!!

They are also a DISGRACE to YESHUA’S NAME!

“WAR UNDOES ALL GOD’S WORK!!” someone once said, I apologize because I can’t remember whom.  But it is the complete TRUTH! and less you forget… I will say it again… ONLY GOD RESERVES THE RIGHT OF VENGENCE!!! ONLY GOD!!!

GOD SAID TO LOVE OUR ENEMIES! Or have you “Christians” forgotten what your ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM is built on? That OTHER DOCUMENT… you know… THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!!!  That document, as it is no longer written on pale blue sapphire crystal stone, ETCHED BY GOD’S OWN FINGER, but broken in anger and rewritten by MOSES himself, passed down for OVER 2000 years… SHOULD RISE ABOVE ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS WRITEN BY MAN since that time!

YET HOW WILL YOU VOTE come November?

Are you going to give it lip service, SAYING you are a CHRISTIAN…. and voting for a politician who is BLATANTLY DECLAIRING HE WILL MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE to get this job??

Are you going to ignore the fact that this CHRISTIAN you are voting for TRULY BELIEVES it’s OK TO KILL SOMEONE HE’S NEVER EVEN MET, OR EVEN IN SELF DEFENSE???  Have you thought about that one???  All you gun toting fools who think you will still be allowed into Heaven, with God, if you kill someone… to save yourself or a loved one???  Have you READ the BIBLE???



OH YES, HE is a forgiving GOD, and HE WILL forgive you… if you truly SINCERELY ask for it.  BUT I BELIEVE IT IS WRITTEN in the BIBLE that THESE TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE TO BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES!!!!!

Not just when it’s convenient for you!





For a time…


rocks with ice in riverher cold soul

reaching into the stone

sank into the depths

of a quiet heart

barely beating


of its suffering

and hard knocks

to begin molding

a crown

fit for a frigid queen

to rest atop

and pretend for a time

she was majesty 

oh, how I LOVE SNOW…

WP_20160101_10_47_03_Pro (2)

way up high, where I rarely go

its’ beauty shining brightly in a pure clean white

blanketing the darkness in a majestic sight

a miracle in physics in each tiny amazing flake

unique amongst a billion copies gloriously remake

a lonely barren mountainside longing to lift its face

to smile brightly up at God, shining back His Grace


Wow! another one bites the dust. And I’m one year closer to being dust!!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays, and made it home safely from your new years partying!

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas, with BOTH MY BOYS and an extra girlfriend to boot. Had to work new years, but it’s not like I didn’t get hammered for Christmas… so that was already taken care of!! lol

I have missed you all and your posts, so will try to go as far back as I can to catch up.

After the writing frenzy of November, I … ONCE AGAIN… got a freaking trojan virus!  Wiped my puter out again, and had to go all the way back to my factory settings… losing more than I can admit to myself just yet. I am sick and tired of this virus crap, and would love for you all to chime in with the type of virus protection you use… just one word or two, to let me know yours works well.

I am done with MS Defender, which should be titled MS Pretender! I am done with Norton, too, so don’t bother with those pieces of shit!  I did hear of an AVG or AVI, that was supposed to be really good, so once I find it, I might try it. 

But PLEASE pop in a comment if you have NEVER had a virus… I would LOVE to hear how that happened.

Take care all, and will be posting my usual soon! XXOO


1 ryan and guys

In the ICE COLD DUMPING RAIN, 30 degrees outside, on a spike destroyed golf course that was slipperier than an ice rink….


I was so proud to have my nephew Ryan here to race, along with his friend Bernie, who was here two years ago also…all the way from Arizona… to run probably the most difficult race of the year… and do so well. All the teams here were winners already from all over!!

The ONLY winners of this race were the young men who DIDN’T QUIT!!!

It was the most brutal freezing muddy nightmare of a day, and they all made it across the line!!!

It was a team race, a 10 Kilometer muddy ice bath!!! It was to determine who would become All American’s, (I think, am not 100% sure about the race’s title, we were too cold to read! lol) and the winners would have a shot at Nationals… and it was the final race my nephew would run in, before he heads off the Air Force Academy to become a Pilot!!! That’s him there in the dark purple uniform, looking right at me! So PROUD of him!!!

I never heard the results, other than none of our guys would be going on, and wasn’t at all shocked to hear the Washington teams were the winners… because our guys run in this crap all year long! Poor guys from Arizona State wanted to die!

I wanted to die, and I was just a spectator!!!  I had to run to the mall to buy NEW clothes so I could go out to dinner afterwards with my brother and his wife without shivering! We were all drenched to the bone! And FREEZING….and we had clothes on!!!! So while my brother Kris was busy coaching and who is a runner himself, he flew all over the place to cheer the guys, us ladies worked our way towards the finish line.  Anyway, it was fun, my sis-n-law Julie and I ran from one side of the track they were on, to the other, as they made their way around several times, cheering them all on…and nearly gave ourselves heart attacks just trying to do that… run 100 feet… each time… lmao…. we are pathetically old.

Which we did… without slipping down the hills or doing a faceplant!! We were so proud of ourselves.

Even managed to take a few pics before we drowned our cameras!

Anyway… just wanted to post this and say WELL DONE GUYS!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!

(You know who)

So… I was thinkin’….



Ever since I took this picture, I’ve been thinkin’ about using it for the cover of my second novel, Long Before Time.  I have to resubmit my novel if I want to sell any more copies, because it was attacked by a viscous virus and I lost the original version. It’s tragic yes, but I’ve been wanting to rewrite it for some time now, because as much as I loved the story, it wasn’t very exciting, or poignant, or anything much really, other than my thoughts. I’ve never felt like it was finished… and I would really love your opinions here…. keep in mind…. the old photo didn’t get submitted at the right dpi, so it was blurry to boot. If I used it again I would make sure it wasn’t blurry this time, but I just can’t decide. This picture speaks to me. And it looks like a scene in my novel.



NaNoWriMo Time…

point b

National Novel Writing Month is here again….November; the month where us crazy writers get together to try and pound out 50,000 words towards a new novel in under 30 days. We meet all over the place to write together, in cafe’s, bar’s, hotel’s, doing silly shit to keep ourselves focused on writing. It’s fun, for writers. We also get to meet new authors, and hang with our buds.

So we’ll see how far I get this year.  I’ve written three novels this way, this year is my fourth, but I don’t have the advantage I had last year, which strangely enough I just happened to be at home sick with pneumonia for the first 10 days last year, and ended up writing around 70,000 words total.

This year I’m working on a story about a boy who heads off into the wild to escape his worthless parents, bullies at school, etc., thinking living on his own in the wilds of Canada will be better than what he’s dealt with for 12 years. This year, I am not centering my novel around God, like I did the first two years, but in this one I plan to have God be there, but I want the story to deal with honor instead. Honor, which seems to be missing completely from our children’s lives these days, and only seen in very rare instances. But I also see it vanishing with people my age, as I have witnessed so many people who climb over their coworkers, right up their backs… that they have previously stabbed, to get to the top of that ladder they think is so damn important. I’m really disgusted with that, and tend to be a total bitch when I see it happen.

I know most of you know I am a very outspoken person, but I rarely set out to completely shut someone up, really!!  lol  It isn’t something I do very often or plan on. But when someone comes up to you and starts bitching you out for something you have no control over, well, I’m not one to stand there apologizing like a carpet. I will start the sentence out, “I’m so sorry you had to deal with that…” and then continue on nicely but very sarcastically, “but really, do I look like I have any control over that? Do you really think bitching me out is going to get you anywhere?”  And lol, yes, that’s what I say! I’m the nicest person you will ever meet, and if you ask me for anything nicely I will go out of my way to help you. And everyone I work with knows this. BUT you come at me yelling, or even swearing, something I do all the time… NOT at work, and I will NOT allow you to continue on. I have a sailor’s mouth, and if I’m at work and someone comes at me swearing, the first thing out of my mouth is, “You can either stop swearing right now or there’s the door.” My boss has heard me reprimand a customer, and grinned at me afterwards. He’s great. He doesn’t allow anyone to talk to us like that, and in our field there are a lot of jerks out there.

I deal with a lot of cranky people, who will just vomit their shit on the first person they see, which is me a lot of the time. And even in that, I find there is little honor in people. They think that just because they are having a shit day, that they have a RIGHT to bitch out others, even when they have nothing to do with the reason this moron is screaming. That is having NO RESPECT for others. And this makes me so angry. They state ‘its freedom of speech’ but I think it’s more just being an asshole, and using that for an excuse. There is no honor in treating others like crap. There is no honor in disrespecting anyone!!!

And yet I see it nonstop, all day long, some days every other person. It’s just disgraceful. It’s not being kind, or even polite. And I’m talking disrespect for races, gender, sexual orientation, job description, place you live, people who drive red vehicles, versus purple or green mind you, it’s just fucking ridiculous!!! It’s a never ending crap fest out there folks… and… it makes me crazy…… aaaaaaaaaa.     

I don’t know… but is it just me, or are people getting ruder and ruder in public. It’s not just disrespecting others… it’s like we no longer have any honor! Honor in our daily work ethic, or honor in being proud to be kind, or a gentleman, or lady. I got nothing against the business types, cowboys, rockers, goth’s or hippies or bikers or truckers or jocks or whatever anyone wants to be…. but in ALL those styles, or groups, you can have honor in everything you do daily. No matter who you are or what you do with your life… you can do it with dignity and honor!

So once again… I’m sorry to admit, after not writing much at all this summer, I will be writing away on this story and probably won’t post much.

so SORRY, SORRY in advance…. but I will try to post a few things, in case one of you out there is actually reading my blog. lol

God Bless all of you, and try to remember NOT to do what I do, which is get myself in trouble daily with the Lord. You cannot imagine the number of times a day I need to ask for forgiveness!!!!!! LMAO  Have a great day all!

Deb :)

Each Step


following footprints into the past

at the edge of an ocean unimaginably vast

across stepping stones jagged and raw

led by a brilliance beaming with awe

toes sinking into a swirling mist

of wispy strands in a pinkish blue twist

my path across the sea a brave step away

if only my faith would finally hold sway

over my fears of literally no escape

wrapped in a darkness like a doubting cape

until light pierces my soul into soaring

far above the evil baneful and roaring

as I float across a graceful green blue sea

each step I take ripples back to me

Love me some wood…. (snicker snicker)

7 octopus eye

Making his way back to the sea

massive arms held high

taking guns to a knew level

look at his scary beady eye!

He sees you stalking him

as he slimes his way to the beach

but what you don’t realize is

you’re not really out of his reach.

Once in the water he’s a mighty beast

eating anything found in the sea

as nothing can stop this giant woody

who is…  the Octopus Tree






125-150 FEET TALL





He walked into the past


He’d led them along the shore on a path worn with use

they followed slowly behind, nibbling on greens and weeds

still in his sight, safe for the moment, he stood taller

nose lifted and sniffing the fishy sea breeze

a calmness settled into his bones as he gazed north

his view a beautiful red yellow streak across the sky

he had no last thoughts as his body hit the sand

his mind no time to process shock or wonder

it was just one second: content and wildly alive

and the next… stone

Thanks wordpress!

spider and flies and house

Have you all noticed… actually registered in your mind… how as you stroll through the myriad of others’ blogs, absorbing their takes on life and what is happening in their lives…. that your brain is triggered into inspiration???

I find being on wordpress has literally expanded not only my knowledge of events and life around the globe… but I am inspired daily by you all!!! New ideas come flooding into my mind as I read through everyone else’s blogs. It is making me a better writer!!

I think maybe for just a second or two … we should all stop what we’re doing… and think about life before the internet… as writers; were you all writing daily, in your own way… or were the dreams of writing hidden behind the rest of your life?

Until one day… bamm…. you discover wordpress… and began for the first time to really express your inner thoughts and desires… to have a voice… even if only one other person hears it…

I truly believe that the internet is bringing us closer as a global species… yet farther away as a family. We spend hours glued to laptops reading and watching others living life… missing out on moments with the lives in the next room… to draw closer to the world as a whole.

Maybe a hundred years from now, if we haven’t blown ourselves to bits, we can look back and say… this saved the planet. This… communication on a mass scale from every corner or round spot on the planet to every dip and dimple. Surely now… we will realize how we are all the same… all human… all hurt… all need love…

But I love being inspired with new ideas each day, even if I don’t have time to write about them.

So THANKS WORDPRESS… well done! and thanks to all the other writers, artists, photographers, and crazy people who inspire us all!


This is what happens…

like Mother, like sons

… when you raise your children on TV. My eldest, the big mouth on the right, and two of my adopted sons and I went to the road show version of the Price is Right this last week. It started around 7:30; we were hammered by 6. I should clarify that… I was hammered by 6. I was the lightweight in this group of 30ish wild young men, who are all single… amazingly enough, and laughed their asses off when they realized I was gone by my third drink.

We had a blast though, me and my boys, well three or four were missing, but we still entertained ourselves and many others, who actually LOVED our SAVE THE BOOBIE’S HOT PINK FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS OCTOBER…T-shirts… with THE PRICE IS RIGHT on the front! Still, none of us made it to the wheel, which nearly made my oldest cry!

He so wanted to play the Mountain Climber game so he could yodel! goofballs!

me and me boys

….ending the night like this….

 brandon at price is right

It’s NOT halloween yet!

spider and flies

Little Miss Debi sat in her Chevy

eating her hamburger and fries

along came a spider, sat down beside her

and said,

“Can you pass me the ketchup… for my flies?”

(at this point in the conversation I was fleeing the truck, and all you could really hear was AAAAAAA!)


Amidst the Fall

fall colors and stepping stone 2

She kissed his face

not knowing what was dripping

down her cheeks:

love oozing from every pore,

a gentle touch of rain,

bitter sweetness a glaze over her eyes,

knowing it would end;


standing there

amidst the fall

of angel’s tears

and late shadows

he appeared

as if on a prayer

parting the gray,

and suddenly

it was a downpour.

the Bridge

me on bridge best

thoughts stretching out

reaching for hope

traveling on… and on

to the next bend

over a mount of wisdom

but then beyond

around the corners

of swelling peace

across an overpass

formed as abundant love

leaping into the sky

banking on a wing

and turned into a bond

that only wants to be free


arching past time

is knowledge

the arch in a bridge

between YHVH’s fingers

and his current mold



after all the petals are dried

and twilight turns into a deep rust

shadows linger and grow tall

creeping across in a frosted breath

cold is felt beneath the bones

when wind no longer simply dusts

but chills the green to blood red

painting the beauty of autumns death

Me Lil’ Bistro





This is what I did to my kitchen wall a few weeks ago… I covered it in cigar boxes!!

I have a tiny kitchen, so I thought I would dress it up!

I used the back side of wall board, it had a weave pattern on it that was made with fibers. Then I spray painted them to look like cement. I tried to line up the boxes in relatively straight lines, but they were all different sizes, and my walls are no longer straight. I love the texture of it all though. I got all the cigar boxes for free from the casino.

This is what happens when you live alone and have no one but cats to entertain you!!!



“I HATE ALL Muslims!” the 70 year old loudly boasted. “We should BLOW them off the PLANET!”

I simply asked, “So, are you a Christian?” I left out 5 minutes of the previous conversation, due to his point being long lost, and trampled under several other nasty racist-bigot type remarks.

He blinked in surprise, at my change in subject, but said stubbornly, “Sometimes!”

“Sometimes?” I asked. “When you meet God, and He says, “Did you believe in me… you’re gonna say “SOMETIMES?”

Yes, the sarcasm dripped all over the counter, but I didn’t care. I absolutely loose my mind when ANYONE claims to be a Christian in one breath and says they HATE in another! I’m sorry, I apologize, but I become the biggest shit you ever laid eyes on.

“You think GOD’S gonna LET YOU IN … SOMETIMES?”

The man was just like a million others I have to listen to daily, those who are usually between 60 and death, the elder generation, who are still prejudiced and racist and whatever you want to call religious-ists… they’re like religious racists. Not just BIGOTS, but viscous in their hate! And frankly I am sick and tired of them running our country…. straight into the ground… not only in politics, but in real life. EVERYDAY life. They are always there, in the background, spouting their shit… dragging an entire population down with their crap. Their UNACCEPTANCE… their UNFORGIVING ways… they need to move on, let it go, and let the rest of us get along.

“COME INTO THE 21ST CENTURY!!!” I said louder than I probably should have… but when this man turned to another man to continue with his rant, I turned to my coworker and said in the same loud voice, “THAT’S what I hate,” I said. He paused in his rant, as the man he was talking to turned to look back at me. I went on, “… people who CLAIM to be a Christian, a FOLLOWER of JESUS, who was ALL ABOUT LOVE, tell me they HATE AN ENTIRE POPULATION OF PEOPLE! PEOPLE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!”

Thankfully, the old man got my point, that I was clearly done with him and his opinions, and walked away to bother another customer. We walked past each other a while later, and he couldn’t look me in the eye. He started to, but turned abruptly.

That’s when I knew… maybe he was actually thinking about what I said. I didn’t care if he continued spouting his shit, or if he walked away and thought about it deeply. All I cared about was making him stop long enough to think about what he was saying at that moment. Spraying evil, all around… and CLAIMING to be a Christian.

That’s the kind of person who makes all Christians look bad, and drives new believers away. That’s what I hate!

A Kiss


fire filled clouds

steal the breath

of angels

as the blaze

leaches the blue

from the sky

melting into gray

sparking momentarily

as they scorch the face

of life gazing up

in a shimmering golden kiss

A True Christian

01 DuBois Falls

I realized something this morning, as I watched a video or two of Hillsong United. The first video showed them playing a concert somewhere in India (I think) and the massive audience was singing along with the song, as if they’d sang it a million times before. Then I watched them singing “Touch the Sky” in Spanish, as it looked like they were playing somewhere in Mexico or Brazil. Even in Spanish, everyone in the audience was singing along, praising God… It was Beautiful!

And for the first time, I realized how music is spreading the Word of God, the Love for God, across the globe. Being in America, we tend to think we ARE the Christian base, the Christian believers of the world. But missionaries have been spreading the word for centuries, all across the world. It made me tear up, watching them singing such a beautiful song, completely in Spanish. It sounded wonderful. And the love and joy they were feeling is clearly visible.

During both video’s they were showing at different times the conditions these people were living in, the trash dumps, tiny one room shacks with sheets for walls, the flies in their eyes, even one woman was living in a giant cement pipe used for sewage, but empty at the time, and lying somewhere in a desert town; here toddler runs to her as she sits in the shade of the pipe. And my heart is breaking, knowing these people are just barely living, barely alive, without food, without even a box for a home, just barely surviving on the edge of life…. and here we sit, eating fattening cheeseburgers and pizza, living in giant new homes, palaces to them… talking on our phones, and complaining the service isn’t fast enough and our electric bills are our of control.

And yet, it isn’t our fault we were born here, in the luxury of the US. It isn’t our fault that we have school systems in place to teach our children, and libraries to learn from, or parents with the ability to take care of us until we can take care of ourselves. YES, none of that is our fault, or our choice. We were born into it.

But can you even wrap your mind around the thought that someone else was born into poverty… like none you have ever seen? No home, no clothes, eating dirt to fill your empty cramping painful stomach, no water unless you drink the gray and brown puddle that’s been shit in by a cow or goat, or human. Such utter poverty that you scour through a dump site looking for a bent fork to bend back into shape and sell for less than a penny to get a teaspoon of rice to eat. Or find a dirty stained shirt to wear, because yours no longer has sleeves or is the same shirt you wore for 5 years and it’s too small for you or in filthy tatters.

No. You can’t imagine it, not until you see it live. Or live it. Just the simple idea that you have a flower in your yard to gaze at, one you may have planted yourself, and the poorest of the poor have never seen a flower. They see dirt, for miles on end, nothing but dirt; dirt and sand, blowing in the wind, into your eyes, covering your body, and they have never even seen a single flower. Because where there is no water, there are no flowers. Or food, or weeds, or herbs, or trees. Nothing, but pain, hunger, thirst, cold nights and baking hot days, and no home to go to. No parents to help. And certainly no government that will help you in any way.

That is what they live with daily. What they survive. Could you survive that?? Could I??

This is what God meant when He said “Take care of the poor!”

The true poor. Not some woman or man who is too lazy to support themselves and lives off welfare so they don’t have to work, stating they can’t work because no one will hire them, or they have back problems, or allergies, or whatever lame excuse they come up with. They are only poor in spirit. They have no idea what it is like to be truly poor. Plus here, they will not go without food. Even our poorest of the poor can walk to a soup kitchen, or get get food stamps, or stay in a shelter if there is room, and be fed. Yes we have poor people who are starving and homeless, but they can find food if they aren’t too messed up on drugs or alcohol to get it. Being homeless is a far greater issue, once in a while it is due to choice, but for the most part if they choose to, they can work their way back to a poor existence, one where they have some sort of shelter and money for food.

I myself have been poor for as long as I can remember. But I never go without a job or food, and I may live in a crappy trailer, but it has a roof and bathroom and running water that spews out of a faucet, so I don’t have to walk miles to get it. Or boil it just to drink it. I have always considered myself monetarily poor, but never truly poor. That is a whole new level I am thankful I will never have to endure. Because I live here. Because I have parents who would still take care of me if I needed help. Cousins, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters too. All who I could contact if I needed to for help.

The true poor have no one. NO ONE BUT YOU and GOD!

So the next time you are on your cell phone, and can’t upload your favorite song, that you are willing to spend $5.00 for…. think about the people around the world who could feed their entire family for that measly $5.00…. and do something about it! YOU CAN LIVE without it. THEY CANNOT!!!!!!


Where Autumn Lives

spider with clouds blowing past

where autumn lives

glooming above the trees

slicing the air with chill

sinking deep into stone

driving a mountain

over the edge

at the speed

of a summer sigh

over another cracked

and broken bluff

of torturous winds

whipping its back

into a beaten serf

too slow to escape

the frosted facade

of slow death

where autumn loves

Looking to God


both looking to God

the sun beaming the way

not quite hidden amongst the rays

now set

your imagination… free

…for Majesty!


I should probably have a sign on the back of my pickup that says, “This vehicle makes sudden stops for Majesty!” I literally swerved at about 45 mph off the road and came to a halt to get this shot. And a few more. I was driving along in the dreary smoke covered hills, worried about the fires that were basically surrounding us. We had one fire to the northeast and one to the southwest. If we hadn’t been camping on a lake, in a lush green valley, we might have left sooner, but we were all willing to take the chance.  Heading back into town to try and check my messages, I came around the corner to this… and my heart flew. Right out the window. You can’t alter pictures to look this awesome. ONLY GOD can! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…

Nothing is greater than God’s Art!

Have a lovely day all, may God Bless each and every one of you!!! :)

The Ruach of God

I read something a few days ago, that seemed to leap into my soul. I’ve heard of similar things, but never explained in this way. It Took Hold, reverberating through my mind like waves pushing against the sand. A new understanding filled with wonder and joy. It was this: the Holy Spirit creates miracles.

The Holiest of all spirits, the Holy Spirit, also known as the Holy Ghost, or the Ruach ha Kodesh, or what I have come to believe is simply GOD’s own Soul… can stop time, or remove it’s effects all together, while performing a miracle. It fills in where there is something missing or needed. And once it has consumed the situation, it leaves a part of itself behind, allowing for nothing else to enter. It can purify, strengthen, absolve and redeem. It is God’s own Soul, touching us for a split second, altering us, in ways beyond our apelike knowledge.

It’s as if we’re empty, and the Holy Spirit fills us. Or maybe we were just a quart low on one character. Maybe we need honor, or strength of will, or even just a boost in virtue, and with a single breath from the Ruach ha Kodesh we are perfected.

It’s like God is here, enveloping us in His Perfect Love. Which in turn makes everything return to perfection. His perfection. His Love. His Way. This is the miracle. For a tiny spec of time, all is in complete perfection. How much remains afterwards is up to the Holy Spirit, I would guess.

But for years I only thought of Yeshuah as being The Miracle Maker; due to the miracles He preformed while alive and dead. Yet something kept nagging at me though, why would we need the Holy Spirit? Some people believe it’s only for God to speak to us through, that tiny voice of goodness we all hear when we are about to sin! Do you listen to that voice? Sometimes? Or do you see phrases from the scripture’s popping into your mind; things you’ve memorized flashing by like on a moving billboard.

Scriptures that were written about YHVH, (God) and Yeshuah (Jesus the Christ) and The Ruach ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit.)

It rarely matters how the little nudge is achieved; only the end result.

It made sense to me though, to evolve just a hair, to allow the thought to enter my conscious and unconscious mind; absorbing it like love. Taking it in, and letting it take hold. How incredibly wonderful… that the Ruach ha Kodesh is God’s own miracle maker. I’ve known for years that Yeshuah, or Jesus, put the Holy Spirit into the disciples to make them conduit’s for God’s miracles, but it had never occurred to me that the Ruach was also there for that purpose. Giving the ancients super powers to change the course of history. I used to picture bolts of lightning or God’s giant finger pushing through the clouds to achieve His purposes, but just by letting His Holiest-of-all-Holy Spirit enter in, the miracle is done.

Emmanuel; God With Us

Thank You Father!



writing in the sky

flows by

at the pace

of a gentle glide

spreading seeds

to the meek

and wise

in tiny tufts

of wisdom

on the wind

the core of a spore

cherishing hope

upon an ocean

filled with a notion

of His Majesty

exhaling sentience

flowing into existence

with a waft of will

on a wave of love



stumbling, stuttering and sputtering into life

when passion becomes screaming and grins

life is a purple sunshiny explosion

with innocence sparkling beneath shenanigans

just as a garter snake becomes an entire zoo

or a spider starts a war filled with booboos

rolling eyes and completely losing your mind

over a shiny motorcycle of any kind

up until the motor is a roaring dragon

cover your ears and flee behind

long jean wrapped legs screaming security

maybe peeking out between the two

or if all else fails just cover your eyes

if you don’t see it it can’t hurt you

like the dusty crawling monster under your bed

or the scary eyes of the grocery store crabs

your drawn with an undying thirst to see it all

touch everything with slobbers or grabs

until you’re drained of all energy and moisture

and begging frantically for your sippy cup

silenced finally burying your head underneath

your Mother’s hair to dream of a nice fire truck

Osprey’s Redeemed

I couldn’t get this video to upload properly, but enjoy if you care to click on the link. Sorry about the swaying of my kayak, but there’s no way around it. :)




He said it would be glorious

just flying around all day

but all you ever do is fish.

I like to fish.

Yes, and that’s fun for you

but I would like to paint

or knit or read a book.

But you told Him

your greatest desire

was to fly, and here you are.

But sushi, every day,

for fifteen years?

It appears He has a sense of humor.


lake seaweed


reflecting in

the deep darkness

cold and beaten down

never quite reaching the warmth

… just hovering above in the sage light

smothered in silt

shifting with regret

despising its own wailing

still muffled and useless

… buried with the dead even so

not wise enough to realize

it will divinely thrive

drawing closer to what it needs

out of the raw lonely depths

… needful of just patience and peace

Good Morning, He said.



God’s alarm clocks



pastels painted righteously

to match the harmony

of waking to the birds

an echoing twitter

tweet and caw

some saying wake up sleepy head

others passing the word

on worms bathing in the grass

fish leaping in the south end

and the best bugs

are skating round the coves

as falcons call out

the winds are mild

while I rise to perfection

and feel God is watching me

through His tiny dormer window

to see if I’ll notice

His Majesty

First Evening, Utter Peace


all about the water

swaying all about

birds obviously at their computers

tweeting nonstop

ducks check out my kayak

honking in approval

falcons ripping apart their catch

tend to stare a bit feral

curious and daring all

eyes darting back to me

wondering why I’m not in bed

but floating precariously

all alone in a fading dusk

fish leaping at bugs in glee

splashing rings of happiness

and floating peace across to me

in waves that wiggle my camera

ruining every shot I need

and telling me to enjoy it live

while it’s right in front of me


I cannot

in my wildest dreams

think of anything



except paragliding :P

Praise God

Day One, Spectacular

campsite and dock

I arrive to find my campsite here… and smile deeply. Inhale slowly, and enjoy the greatest peace known to woman. I hear myself humming “How Great is Our God, sing with me, How Great…is our God,” while I’m unloading my truck.

Then the others arrive and the peace is gone… until tomorrow morning when I can get up first and truly deeply enjoy it again.

I would tell you the chaos that ensued, but the immaturity and selfishness of a child, grown yet still childish in their personality, could not dampen my joy at being on vacation in a glorious little spot next to a lake. I had to walk away several times, to keep my mouth shut, for God, and for my friends sake, for her humiliation was unacceptable, but I refused to let it bother me. Instead I headed off to kayak around the little island in the background of this picture.

It was covered in amazing nests high in the trees. As I drew closer, I could easily see the Osprey’s who ruled this island. It was beautiful.

osprey nest 2 osprey's in tree osprey nest


Only one tiny cabin on the entire island, the rest filled with birds. I probably kayaked around it 5 times total, taking pics and videos, so more to come there.



our sweet grass covered campsites…. gotta love the grass man…. makes a decent nights sleep!

campsite Vicki's campsite, Lis is on right in trees


even when the sprinklers are on….. LOL……

sprinklers on

My sweet friend picked the place and the camp sites this year, and I must say… WELL DONE!!!  Just AWESOME!!!!!

On to day two….just as soon as I figure out how to post the video’s… :)

So… I’m off…..


My rocker… lol Yes!! Ha.. literally!!!   But also … off to Lake Curlew in Eastern Washington to camp for a week…kayak, hike, bike, and maybe…. paraglide…….. woooot woooot

Probably also do some picture taken, walkin, talkin, eatin, … well you get the picture. But most likely… no writing… Hope God Blesses Each One of YOU while I’m gone! So…. SEE YA!!! :) :) :) :P :P :P