Grafted (Travel Theme: Wind)


A lifetime of fury

grafted into a push

leaves rioting

amongst the broken boughs


trees bent in Oregon

Only to be cast off

into a hazy purple mist

where the strong reclaim their home

from what was once a dusky dream

house in fog in Oregon

My trip through Oregon a few years ago… there was no wind in the trees of the upper picture, they grew that way; and isn’t that house too cool? Nothing like placing the house where you get the most shade!  LOL 

This is part of the “Weekly Travel Theme”

Thanks Ailsa, fun challenge :)

827. The moon is at her full and riding high… ~William C. Bryant

Originally posted on Sacred Touches:

As ancients saw, so do I
A throbbing light, a painted globe
Upon a pinpricked sparkled sky.
Suspended in the nothingness of black
Always there, poetic universal rhyme
Dangling upon an invisible track of time.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 7.07.11 PM

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
A Night or two ago—
And now she turns Her perfect Face
Upon the World below—
Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde—
Her Cheek—a Beryl hewn—
Her Eye unto the Summer Dew
The likest I have known—
Her Bonnet is the Firmament—
The Universe—Her Shoe—
The Stars—the Trinkets at Her Belt—
Her Dimities—of Blue—
~Excerpted verses from a poem
by Emily Dickinson

The Eiffel Tower in the photo is blue, and there’s a “blue moon” in the sky tonight – but that doesn’t mean the lunar surface will turn indigo. Tonight’s (July 31) moon will be a gorgeous sight, but it won’t look different than any…

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of Majesty His middle name

and Light becoming His Heritage

kneaded with amazing sired into Glory

One Creator the beginning of His Story

dreaming in a brilliant rainbow of hope

in an infinity of sky only required

a fall of millions of years Fathering

the eternal beauty of God’s Tears



long before time…

when the world floated in silence

before a single blink created an ocean

a simple nod was all it took to form a valley

with mountains on either side

a tap of a fingernail against the armrest

and a volcano erupted for the first time

and still time had not yet begun

to trickle by in ticks

as the earth inhaled and held it’s breath

waiting to give rivers of birth

and feel the cool cleansing rains

but life stood still waiting to be born

so there was no one to hear

the sound of silence against the backdrop

of a gusting wind through an empty canyon

the explosive grumble of the land ripping open

as God scratched His initials

into the golden arm of His Throne

just bored one day

dabbling with life

a doodle on a rock

in the middle of nowhere

long before time began…


james and fireworks 2015


a sojourn of being the key

there is a resonance, of one or many

a softness of blurred notes

bent and reflecting, creating its own song

a side strain of determination

an aria of will, if you will

courage in the rhythm, or lack thereof

for it knows know middle ground

even one break in the melody

and its time to move on

the refrain becomes death

a measure of finis

the descant will survive

albeit with a lowing

for the kinship is not broken

only resting

while lost in the silence

SammyTeri Rules


I am King of the River Rocks. I’ll have you know, this one I have possessed is

twice my height, yet I rule because I am twice as tall in stature. I have been

helping my human dig for gold; thus we will soon be very rich and I will hire my

own personal Sherpa and no longer have to jump 3 foot tall tree trunks lying in

my path, or get my feet wet when it’s cold out. I have conquered these lowly

river rocks, repeatedly marking them with my own personal brand. My work here

is done. Although I am embarrassed to admit I have a dirt mustache, I am still

available if needed for all sloppy kisses. Just come closer… no closer.

In This Being



Half of the time

rebels are lovely

you just have to catch them

at it, unawares, when

they’re not looking

for inevitably if they know

you’re watching

they behave differently

stand taller, form their thoughts

shake their bangs out of their eyes

swish their tail in a springy way

ultimately just a show pony

with long eyelashes

and a meaty hind end

but if you manage to sneak up

and see them meandering through

the tall grass, wind in their hair

a sunlit sparkle in their eye

you’ll see a moment of truth

an intensely felt flash of

perfect contentment

and there lies the soul

the root of this being

for you to see clearly




when you need to forgive

forget or let betrayal go

for stubbornness comes

in many forms

from at least two angles

split by that fence

the long trampled grasses

at your feet

and the obstinate bees

mulish in their relentless pursuit

of each and every flower


sprinkles dancing

splatters of life

where will they hit

absorbed in dirt

the top of my head

burst on the window

a million to one

the same odds

you will be eaten

by a great white shark

or hit by lightning

have a baby in a cab

or die by a falling piano

sprinkles that normally

beat up the flowers

danced and slid

across my view

the flowers arched up

embracing the rain

but their love

wasn’t returned today

they barely received a peck

and I was hit by three

three single drops of rain

maybe four

I lost count

as I spun in joy

halfway around

Oh so stubborn


Oh but he’s so stubborn

wanting to live outdoors

under no man but every man

living off the land

filled with garbage cans

dumpsters and oh ick

how can he eat that

he hasn’t showered

I can smell him from here

shooting the moon

hanging around all day

grazing as if he’s free

through the piles of ashtrays

rolling around

in God knows what

shooing away the flies

swirling in his swirling eyes

oh yes he chose this life

to be free

he chose this life


Maw of Darkness

Maw of Darkness


evil is nothingness

unable to nurture

a tainted void

a black hole of emptiness

echoing without a sound

even as it flees itself

gaping in the absence of light

an empty maw of darkness

truly it holds nothing

its arms cannot embrace

the nothingness it feels

just a deadly vacuum

of zero worth

multiplied to infinity



Joyful Ache

why do my tears fall freely

tightness grips my throat

an ache rises from my chest

taking over my vocal chords

drowning my mouth in ache

when I listen to an unusual case of people being extremely kind

someone blessing another without knowing they were

or maybe they did know

the sweeping feeling

of deep deep joy

I find most times it’s the same way I feel

every time I think about every single blessing

in my life

listed out one by one

adding up to

God’s Amazing Grace

no press coverage…

Shards Of DuBois:

WOW… so good!!!

Originally posted on Read Between the Minds:

no press coverage

no one
transcribed the event
a last breath
issued by
an everyman
no one famous
most likely
forgotten by those
he once called
a last breath
offered as
a prayer
to some unseen god
a god who’s
an undocumented immigrant
in a world he once created
a god working to harvest
a crop of souls
a last breath
soon joined
by a thousand more
the night breeze
your face

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The Vastness


One tiny soldier

a vastness reaching

beyond his view

following a pre-laid path

orders from a complete unknown

finds his way isn’t singular

he is not special

many come before him

and after

but does that make it

a worn path or plan?

A depleted source?

In all the unknowns

he can’t imagine

the vastness continues

to create and destroy;

so what leads him

to take that step?

Follow that canal?

Trudging on and on?

Is it because

he is not aware

of the possibilities

beyond his own vision

of reality

or is it that following

orders vastly reduces

a singular evolution?

Monday Meter

Originally posted on Tommia's Tablet:

El Ceilo - Grand Central Station 2015 El Ceilo – Grand Central Station 2015

To see the sky from God’s point of view
Reverses the stars’ order you once knew
Above, you see infinity
Impossible is possible, probably.
No end in sight in that glorious night.

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On the Edge


On the Edge

poised for the moment
on the edge of humanity
a tiptoe through a kind moral
a fall from the depth of disgrace
turning to lucidly look back
lost in a syrup of decay
the deepest beauty too far
to fly to on wings of despair
destruction etched in the brim
aching to arch away freely
spiraling inward visibly
untwisted to the untrained eye
drawn to folding on the fringe
a society of unkind amity
mercy a mild sufferance
blinded by colors of greed
a sorrowful stock of flesh
in a race to outrun transience
rivaling an ephemeral
waste of the dawn

Diving In


diving in

head first

heart splayed wide

as the eldest petals

of a scented bloom

giving generously

risk forgotten

never expecting


in return

creates an abundant

echo of esteem

akin to sunshine

as a gentle kiss

of unselfish peace

touched with the tiniest

hint of glory

bursts ultimately

into the birth

of true love



I felt Your presence today

it was beyond glorious

my excitement rose

to the same height

as I did

but peace flooded in

as I sailed across the sky

and I knew You

were the wind

beneath my wing

I can’t thank You enough

there are no words

but the smile

from ear to ear

I’m sure

made it perfectly clear

Thank You God

for this amazing gift!



walking in a straight line

on a path that curves and rises

balancing life to avoid





into the unknown

at the very end

or a beginning you fear

just around the corner

doesn’t mean you can’t

walk a tight rope

or trip yourself up

or fly through life

with elegance

or bumbling tumbles

it only means

you are traveling

on a journey

into the unknown

remembering your past

forgetting your future

just be


in every moment








life among the dead

blossoms for an instant

as each moment is led

into a glowing radiant

fading into stillness

falling at a slant

revealing that each life

is only briefly brilliant

The Promise of Rain


into each heart

tears will fall

creating a meadow

maybe a lake

cleansing a soul

wavering the unsure

drowning the dubious

who follow a shady path

down into a dry hollow

but after the storm

bringing new life

creating growth

changing a desert

of shallow desires

into a field of budding hope

with the promise

of a beautiful new view

Opening Innocently



the depth of pure white

the ghost of a love

wild with curiosity

allured by the light

attaining the striking beauty

of the rare honesty

in a radiant soul

pales into a blush

as it believes in truth

opening innocently

only to the Son

Hey God, can you hear me now?


I must say, I’ve neglected my writing for two months now… because I am getting ready to SOLO for the first time… just like the guy in this picture. I haven’t had time to do anything, because our weather has been just glorious, if not a bit gusty, but perfect for learning to paraglide on most days.

So I wanted to say, sorry all, but my site and the poetry and any novel work has been pretty much ignored…. because I have always dreamed of flying and now my dream is about to come true.

My instructor, who is my good friend also, is a 5th level pilot instructor and we have flown together so many times, he tells people I’m his “frequent flier” and I actually get frequent flier miles discounts! He saved my life one time when a beginner pilot almost hit us, so I trust him with my life.

But for the last two months he had me training on a racing wing, because of all his students this year, he thought I would be the one most able to learn to fly it, mostly because when we fly together he lets me take the controls and play around in the sky.  He only had so many wings to loan out to the other students. So grumbling and complaining that he was trying to kill me, I learned to fly his racing wing, while everyone else used the beginner wings, which are designed differently. He assumed after I mastered his racing wing, all other wings would be so easy I would be able to fly anything… and well, that was not the case.

I honed my skills on this racing wing, to the point where I could kite it, which is what we call flying them on flat ground, without using my hands. It was great, I could get it launched in the air, and then direct it with just my body, not needing the breaking lines in any way.

And then…. he broke the news to me that I would not be allowed to use the racing wing for my first solo flight, because legally he could lose his license if I did, because legally I must use a beginner wing as a first time pilot.

Bamm! He set me up with a nice new beginner wing, and I must tell you, it’s like starting over. They are designed so differently, I am back to square one, and the dream of soloing just got pushed back about two more weeks, I think. I don’t feel confident enough right now to run off a mountain with this new wing, when I can just barely get it launched properly.

Back to ground work I go… and he still thinks it will be easy as pie for me, once I get used to the differences, but I must say, I lost it completely the other day when a huge gusty wind hit it, folded it over, then blew it around me so quickly, the lines actually almost strangled me. The wind kept wrapping me up in it, until the lines drew tighter and tighter, and two of them wrapped around my neck. It not only scared the piss out of me, but it pissed me off like nothing else has in quite some time. If I had had a knife on me that day, which we are supposed to have on us during flight, I think in my anger I just might have cut that damn wing up like a Thanksgiving turkey! I was that pissed. And I would have owed my friend about $5000!!  Thank God, I did not have a knife that day.

But… I am determined to master it, even if it is slow and stupid and seems to have a poltergeist! My other wing was referred to as the Red Bull, because it had Red Bull racing stickers on it, but this new wing has a new nickname, it is The Poltergeist! lol

I’ve even thought about baptizing it with holy water, just in case!! But I don’t have any holy water, so I guess we’ll just say a huge prayer before I solo with it!

Anyway, I just thought I would let you all know, hopefully in two weeks at the most, I will solo, fly like an eagle through the sky…. it is probably the greatest thing I have ever come across in my life… and I recommend it highly! Then maybe I will get back to some sort of normal and start writing again. My poetry has lacked to the point even I see most of what I’ve posted is crap. My second novel will soon be remade, because I might have the time to work on it again, and it got destroyed when the hacker killed my computer last winter, which means I have to resubmit it again, after rewriting it, and the cover will be done differently. The picture was so blurry and messed up, I apologize to any of you who purchased it, you couldn’t read the back of it and it looked awful. So I’ve been slowly creating a new one. My third novel, which is supposed to be a comedy – murder novel, is done for the most part, but still just waiting for me to get around to finishing it, too.

I am still looking for a good artist to draw the cover picture for it, so if any of you would like to do it, feel free to contact me. I’m hoping to get a good drawing of a crazy looking older woman riding a horse wildly through town while ripping her coat or shirt off…. lol… because this is what the story is about. So if any of you would like to draw that for me… I can’t pay much, but your artwork would be out there in the world, and of course you would get complete credit for it, so please contact me if you’re interested. And hopefully in a month or so, I will get back to writing here and leave you all with some much better poems to ponder to boot. 

Have a great day all, and may God Bless You and Yours! Since we have a low pressure system right now, with rain in the forecast, I will try to write something good today… I will try, anyway, and once again hope God will give me the words!

And yes… every single time I fly, touching the edge of the horizon of the sky, I scream to God… Can you hear me now!!!  LMAO   I’m pretty sure He has!  :)


Shards Of DuBois:

a great poem!! :)

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:

Artwork by Michael Divine

like a box in a box in a box

hides the continent kernel of self

the embarrassing essence

of genuine judgments

perceptions uniquely obtained

from the shape of the world

by the lights of legitimate eyes

purely personal inklings of when

how and why did we come to exist

all the deeply internal eccentric

held thoughts and ideas never

shared never given communion

from fear of rejection or worse

fear of falling ignored through

fat cracks of ambivalence

confidence comes from acceptance

acceptance from joining the throng

fully naked of all but one’s honesty

honesty tendered with bravery

bravery being the purview of heroes

and heroes don’t hide their own hearts

like a box in a box in a box

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Can you imagine how the world would be changed… if we all thought “we are one”? If we all treated each other as if we were one single person?

There would be no hunger, no super rich, no homeless or poor… because we would simply treat each other as if we were them. We would instead think, THIS is enough. When is it enough? When do you have enough, you don’t feel you need more?

We would never have a reason to go to war, because who in their right mind starts a war with themselves? No one ever WANTS to kill themselves.

We would never destroy the earth in any way, we would FIND ways to travel from place to place, or to build things, without stripping and polluting our natural resources or killing animals for sport to make ourselves prettier or more virile. We wouldn’t need THINGS to fill our homes with that were useless and unneeded, because we wouldn’t need to impress ourselves.

There would be no such thing as a slave, which there is still, in this day and age. We feel so enlightened, and intelligent… yet in 2015 there are still SLAVES in our world.

There are still people who think it is ok to kill and murder over their beliefs, yet if we thought of each other as one, there would NEVER be a reason to kill yourself because you believe what you believe. There would be no suicide. No desperation, no loss and loneliness, for we would all be ONE.


I can imagine it right now, but only in what I imagine Heaven is like. That MUST be what Heaven is. We all become ONE!

I think I’ve said these things before, but I just felt the need to say them again. Maybe get the ball rolling. Maybe make just one of you stop and consider this… and begin to LIVE your life in this way. LIVE your life, don’t just make a living. Make a difference. BE THE SOURCE. BE ONE!

Maybe…. one day…  :)

We ARE… what we LOVE

1 heart

In all the universes

through all eternity

only God is pure love

for He and He alone

loves all

He alone loves all

of His neighbors

never once

loving Himself first

He is pure love

emitting seeds of love

a bleeding heart

full of love


give love

become love

like God




what you love

Harmony is Perfection


a harmony of elements

creates perfection

all different all unique

coming together

creating beauty

a multitude of difference


a harmony of resonance

for a single sound

doesn’t rise or fall

there is no melody

in just a single chord

or a single element

or a simple tone

or a single human

or a simple mind

just a little update….

I can’t thank you enough, all those who prayed yesterday! Believe it or not…. Douglas actually called me out of the blue last night, at around midnight!! I hadn’t heard from him in months… so I am eternally grateful for all of you who prayed.  He hasn’t stopped doing drugs yet, but he’s alive, which lets my heart rest a bit in peace!!! May Peace be with you all as well!! And God Bless every one of you who have kindness and hope in your hearts… that one day he will be saved!!!

Tribute to suicide victims – YouTube

Shards Of DuBois:

please watch this…. very powerful!!!

Originally posted on Da UGLY Ducklin:

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Please PRAY!

You can probably tell from my postings, I’m a little down today. And even though I have begged God to take care of my son, and Yeshuah has His greatest Archangel Michael protecting his life…

I am asking that you all, all 900 of you, say a prayer for my son Douglas. He truly needs every single prayer you can offer up. It’s been ten years now… ten years of watching my son slowly kill himself. There is no other way out of the darkness, other than with the Lord’s help!

I’ve been poised on the edge of hell for so long now, I can’t see a way out of the darkness anymore. It will take GOD to bring him back to me. Only God!

As some of you already know, I’m at the point of waiting for that horrifying phone call. We’ve tried repeatedly to get him help, but the evilness that has him in an iron grip, just won’t let go.

I thank you in advance, all of you who will pray.

And in return I pray none of you ever have to lose a child like this… cruelly, slowly, oh so painfully.

With tears streaming down my face, I beg of you… please PRAY!

Right now, with all your heart, please, please pray!

Thank you, with all my heart!

Drape Him in Angels

for tanya2

the love of a child is the greatest love of all

second only to the love I feel for The Lord

it has the ability to break my aching heart

into pieces of pain sliced up with a sword

yet life moves on in the severed silence

bringing me closer and closer towards hell

as moment by moment he slips further away

I’m watching his soul become a lifeless shell

forgive me Lord for despising the enemy

who gives him heroine and meth every day

for I know I may lose my very own soul

as I hate and I hate the evil blind way

they steal his life and chance at hope

as my heart screams out it’s so unfair

a century now he’s been lost and alone

years lost in darkness and blatant despair

yet I know You are watching him far below

holding out Your hand in a gesture of amore

but he’s still drowning in this evil and sorrow

please drape him in Angels to fight this war

With the Rain


I thank Almighty God

for the fierce rain

often steeped in darkness

reminiscent of Cain

ripped apart in a storm

creating a bloodstain

heaving over mountains

revealing Heaven in pain

blessing the terrain

meant to sustain

keening wildly down

God’s Holy face

veiled with tearstain

seeing His children slain

souls greedy and vain

covered in an unholy stain

bound by a selfish chain

eternally descending

with the rain

A Twig of Peace

dove with twig

like a Dove

He descended from above

filled with grace and words of love

building hope below

a twig of peace to sow

His life and death to foreshadow

a coronation

a prophecy of revelation

taught to a sinful prideful nation

of disbelief

fostered in grief

torn apart with no hope of relief

to be betrayed

by His words waylaid

and twisted into a sinful crusade

to be hung

from the highest rung

of Jacob’s ladder by an evil tongue

yet His atonement

fulfilled a commandment

to save us all from eternal torment

was like a Dove

filled completely with love

He’s still longing for you to join Him above

not in a tree

or in the blue sky you see

but squarely and forever upon His knee

The Darkness You Anoint

cacti with eyes 2

Lost in a dry desolate life

void of the gentle touch of kindness

tortured by thorns turned inward,

those you may see or not.

Tossed aside for its deeds

and ignorant actions

when you could teach love

instead of disdain

and shame and pain.

For it is you who cast them

into dust and hopelessness

suffering hate, failure and loss

greater than a broken heart

greater than a wounded soul

as they are forgotten and rejected

by all who pass by.

Stepping aside quickly

to avoid apathy and guilt

until these thorns you see pointing

a straight path to love

have grown weary and fall

into the darkness you anoint…

For each soul etched with rain

forms more thorns strengthened

with each drop of pain.


cacti two tall ones

as a fever settles the wind

a keen rises from stone

a shade deeper than dried blood

its time withered and prone

its dust taught to flee

across a shimmering sky

dancing with a warm breeze

clinging to rocks spired high

naive gusts pulling apart veins

spreading an ancient ore

baked cracked and empty rains

cast upon a dry shore




floating away in a sea of clouds

of an age beyond innocent fury

watching the bonds blown apart

from above the will of a squall

the marriage of a lifetime looms

the accomplished rooted in a gale

the flurry fills a graceless culture

while I float away just a balloon

not even a permanent mist

slightly just out of reach

pausing when others run

pushed about in a storm

of my own gusty perceptions

watching them growing smaller

as I continue to travel on

leaving behind nothing humble

slowly becoming a bloated zealot

but then dubiously I burst

a wondrous splay of color

playing amongst the gray

dense edge of emptiness

Unaltered Pic of the Day ~ God’s Painting!


absolute stunning perfection

a presence only Almighty God could imagine

our brains too tiny to weave the edge of a petal

or ring a bell just as the sun rises

but this Tulip He Created

is pure innocence brushed with righteousness

pushed to the front of His stage

by the fresh spring of green

the brilliant Glory He Is


Painting by Hand of God

(I only took a picture of it)


red maple 2



we celebrate

the day it started

with palms and fronds

piled at His feet

reaching up so far

as to blind the people

gloating in alleys

planning to hurt

blades rising up

stalking His Grace

craving His Glory

green with a sickness

soon to be passed over

in a perfect crimson

reeds bloodied by burden

shimmering beyond on high

the Light of a Savior

given the shaft







dripping down the pane

feels cold somehow

rehearsed pain

blurring the tree bows

beards stretched to straggly

a streak of bleak

posing in front of pale

gray the star today

a silent drip slicker

leaving shadows nothing to say

a trillion pause to bicker

only speaking as a spatter

numbed listlessly

duped into matter