Surviving on Hope



Surrounded by stone cold hearts

and thorns spreading like lies,

Hanging in there when all else fails

the tenacity of a Rose to rise,

Folding with Grace, curling in warmth

watching as the last bud dies,

The fragile Rose surviving on Hope

reveals YHVH’s design is likewise.


Thou Shalt Not Take YHVH’s Name In Vain!

Reblogging to REMIND MYSELF of my own words 6 years ago! To this day I struggle with HONORING YHVH correctly!

Shards Of DuBois

I don’t know about you…..

but I get REALLY tired of people trying to CORRECT me when I use swear words in my speech and writing.


READ the Scripture in Hebrew, if you are truly concerned for my soul or YOURS.  BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVEN’T!!!


To take YHVH’s Name in Vain, does NOT mean you are sinning when you say,

“dammit!”  or “Fuck You!” or even “Shit!”  Although He does say, you will be responsible for every Word you utter.


Although I think it IS sinful when you say “God dammit!”, because you are basically yelling at God or blaming Him in some way, and also you are bringing what you refer to Him as His name to FALSE WORDS, nothing, empty, void, useless words: VAIN words.

Not TAKING YHVH’S NAME IN VAIN, according to scripture basically…

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Proverbs 26:2 “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so a curse without cause shall not come.”

Happy 6th Anniversary to me…. here on WP. Can’t BELIEVE you have all LISTENED TO ME for 6 years!!! hahahaha
Reblogging this… because I forgot I wrote it! 🙂

Shards Of DuBois

What if all our diseases were created through sin?

Why don’t we think this is possible any longer?

Sure in the old days, preachers and priests alike would go around screaming all day, condemning others, saying your sin is what is killing you.

But what if it’s true?  To this day, scientists don’t know what triggers our body’s basic cells into doing what they do.  They guess, they make theories all day long, but not ONE can tell you why a non smoker gets lung cancer and a lifelong smoker doesn’t.  Not one can explain why a child would get a horrible disease, or why some of the cruelest monsters ever born never get sick.  They say its our immune systems, or our DNA is different; but not one scientist can tell you why your cancer went ballistic and turned malignant.  The only difference between a non-malignant cyst and a…

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Can You Imagine the Silence


a wonder of wonders spread before

a chorus of life lifting praise

a waft of beauty rampant in curling petals

lips, silent and learning, always learning

for speaking changes everything



Can You Imagine the Silence

if we knew the power of our words?

Ordering someone to “go to hell!”

What if we were opening the door,

pushing them through?

Or gossiping about another,

tearing them down,

insulting them from a safe distance,

making them sick or depressed

or increasing their illness?

You may laugh and say,

“that’s just silly,” …

but how do you know?

Words can fill with love,

or curse with hate.

Watch the other person,

when you tell them in person,

“you look like shit today.”

Watch the pain cross their face.

See the hurt lower their strength.

Watch them wilt like a dying flower…

right in front of you…

and then tell me… words have no power.



Dead Sea Scrolls

A Messianic Apocalypse

Fr. 7
… [the ear]th and all that is on it; and the sea [and all that is in it] and all the ponds of water and rivers who are doing good before the Lor[d] … … like those who curse and are (destined) for death [when] the Lifegiver will raise the dead of His people. And we will thank and proclaim to you the righteousness of the Lord, who …



stellar 1



is but a word

that can’t begin to describe Him.


dripping from His palms

floods into oceans with a flick.


becomes a word

at the atoms’ first glimpse.


creating worlds

of life to love and care for.


of all kings

the word only lacking His Majesty.


He fills with time

inching forward on a spec of dust.





circling arms of light

warming our every moment of sight.


after oath He gave

showering us with all His love.


the Author of it all

carved in sapphire with a sigh.





held in His hand

dances for the first time.


answers His call

shining as his Father asks.


He filled with Holy Spirit

giving choice to us colored with hope.


abound each moment

with eyes to see and ears to hear.


how deeply God

the only God loves His children.


will He walk away

for He carries us wherever He goes.


He pours to fill space

As Time He Counts Us Eternally.




Thank You YHVH… for it all



Bless-ed Beyond




There is blessed, as in by the slate colored rain

Or you’re bless-ed, deep in your soul without stain

You may be loved, as if you were a shimmering star

Or you’re belov-ed, marked in honor with each scar

Which is more worthy, which is giving more?

Which is just good enough,

Sliding through the slamming door.

Bleed from deep down below your woes,

Washing your darkness into a rose.

Don’t waste your time wishing on stars,

Only God’s Mercy will pry open the bars.

For you will always be blessed from above,

Just as the Bless-ed are flowing with love.

God’s Love…

Seen as the rain tickles the flowers into wilting.

God’s Belov-ed…

The weight of His Love bore in the planets tilting.




I love that this tree has given it’s life, for 12 others.

You may not be able to see them all, but I counted up close and in person

… isn’t God amazing? This is the epitome of Bless-ed! 



So… this was me in October

Roughing it in Yuma Arizona, as always, hotter than a MoFo, sand storm blowing in our teeth, but hey… it was Mom and Don’s 50th Anniversary… and WE ALL MADE IT!

This picture is the result of my oldest son Brandon taking the shot…


All ten mugging it at 50th in 2017

Who… is of course, to my right! (I’m right behind Ma, next to my sis, Kimmy.) He’s my favorite brother, and I love the shit out of him. Of course, I love everyone in my family, but my bro Kendon has been my partner in crime as far back as I can remember. We have been the black sheep of the family for years, yet neither of us care. We love life, live life to its fullest, and we have a blast.

This is really the only picture I need to mark this occasion. Congrats to Mom and Don! 50 years is a long time for a second marriage. You should see the zoo that is the kids….what we have unleashed on the earth… is chaos in it’s greatest form! Hahaha Way to go Mom and Don!

One Verse

God spoke just one verse

A line curved by a breeze

One verse became our universe

But He meant for us to please

A poetic creation at best

His license in every tiny thing

One whisper a haunting melody

The next a flock to sing

He spoke our verse into being

Seeing possibilities beyond the old

Only hope and love required

As He draped the heavens in cold

In folds of rainbows without end

He tucked in a promise or two

Colored like unbroken gems

One, His never ending love for you

He hummed a bright blue sky

Then called for an ocean deep

Warming us with a sunny smile

Carefully tending to all His sheep

While Yeshuah gave us only Eternity

For the simple price of a horrible death

Humbly, I thank Him, for I can’t repay

What they stole with His final breath

I’m Plum Tired


What is Plum Tired? Is it a knock-off of ‘Plain,’ a slur, possibly? It was something my Grandparents and Parents used to say, only when they said it, it sounded like Plumm Tard. I’m curious where the word originated, and may just have to google it… lol  Kind of like Tee-ToteLin Drunk and Given ‘em What For. What?? Although I do find it fkn hilarious when people ask me how I am, and I answer, “Fine as a Frog’s Hair!” Stops ‘em cold every time. lol Unless of course I’m telling it to someone from the Midwest. They’ve heard it all before. Its also fun to add in a southern accent, so I sound like a hick. lol pretty much how I sounded while growing up in Indiana.

I still don’t get the Plum Tired, thing tho.

My Plum tree doesn’t sag, but then again, it’s only 2 years old now, and this was the first bloom it made this year! It was huge, like a foot wide, with three long points, but unusual in that the bunch of flowers was all on one single stem. I’m guessing I may get ONE single plum off it, too. I didn’t know it had a bloom similar to my Butterfly Bushes, that are now trees, and also my Lilac tree. How weird that all the trees in my yard, have the same type of blooms, all in purple. You’d think purple was my favorite color, which it is… by I had no idea my plum tree had a purple bloom. Now I have three shades of the same flower. I would say it was 3 years old, but the drunk landscape guy weed-eated it the first year. To the dirt.

I planted four or five twigs, 15 years ago, knowing they were Butterfly Bushes, and would have the multi-flower cones in dark purple…but I didn’t know they would grow into two huge trees, that are now almost 30 feet tall. The trunks are a foot round, and look like three twigs gnarled into one. It makes then look ancient, and really cool. The Lilac tree was here when I moved in, but only had 5-9 separate trunks; which has morphed into this multi-trunked mangled mess, with about 25-30 individual trunks, all crammed into a 3 foot circle. Didn’t know Lilac’s grew like that either…and if anyone out there knows, here is question for ya: CAN YOU DIG UP THE INDIVIDUAL STEMS/TRUNKS of a Lilac Tree AND MOVE THEM?? OR IS IT ALL ONE ROOT SYSTEM, AND IT WOULD KILL IT TO CUT INTO IT??  If anyone knows that answer, feel free to chime in… I would love to move them to other parts of the yard, but don’t want to damage it by digging, if it’s not a good idea.

Anyway, like I said, I’m Plum Tired, so off I go to bed, instead of flying… after weeks, it’s nice to have a cloudy overcast day, where I can sleep for 15 hours!  Smile Have a BLESSED DAY ALL, ZZZZzzzzzz

4 blue6

butterfly on the left, lilac on the right, although it looks pink in this pic, it’s really a pale purple. this was the end of the flowering cycle, and it was fading into pink.  nice, huh?

Come Down to the River


come down to the river and have your sins washed away

seemingly as easy as moss grows on a sunless day

proving that rocks can grow no matter what some may say

don’t doubt miracles in front of your eyes piled in a soft array

scattered like the hearts of selfish men across a murky bay

shameless and wicked they sail past without a moment’s sway

never seeing the amazing in Gods’ creations in this way

missing YHVH and Yeshuah in all their Glory many still will today

while I sit in the river surrounded by stone and now must pray

for their lost souls are as countless as the rocks of mottled grey

Rising Above Stone


amazing detail, growing in stone, alone

an explosion of Glory rising above dull

His idea of Majesty in perfect chaos

a solitary bush created for bees and butterflies

stunning, they hover as lovers, touching gently

kissing this tiny beauty across its painted face

each second blooming, like Yeshuah

He hopes they will carry His love

beyond the river

to rise above stone



dainty, scalloped and ruffled in pink

like a child in church clothes

forced to sit still so as to not crinkle

or mess their special dress

but God doesn’t care if you come

in tatters and filth, wrinkled with loss

surrounded in the darkness of your past

He only cares that you come…

to Him

that you love as He does…

with every torn petal

A Stencil of Life

mountain in the clouds


Man hasn’t ruined, stepped upon this ground

not sacred, not lost, blessedly not found

high upon mountains reaching for the sky

only paws and claws had been this high

Revealing life through a pale purple mist

untouched, serene as a cool soft kiss

a glimpse into the future, a peaceful sigh

Glory silently spilling… just across the sky


Its a stencil of life, simple and honestly true

loving God first, all souls, everything under blue

spreading joy, honor, innocence and candor

no reason for deceit, for this is much grander

Wildly simple, cherish it all, living off this wonderland

now see His son, head bowed, reaching for His hand

nothing else to speak of, or see, only birds flew over today

but Yeshuah cut the path, knew the truth… knows the way


It may have been covered in His precious blood

preempted by warnings of His Father’s angry flood

dripping below into caverns, pooling on His mercy seat

His love for a lost species not once wavering in the heat

Flying like a bird, soaring on pure white wings

a million angels laughing, rejoicing, a massive choir sings

landing on these untouched mountains, a divine dome

then He rose beyond… following that same path home




nature’s mirror, a rippled view, of the chaos rushing down a hillside

blurred moments, clear and bright the next, teaching us to follow her lead

no reason to rush, for the ending is harsh and walled

blocked by boulders of intent, sanded and strewn in the mud

whereas the soft moments, swirling gently, are caresses to be loved

the sweet kindnesses that mimic the heart of a butterfly

lifting opening hovering in contentment

on bright waves of sunshine and warm breezy hugs

In An Instant


beauty and death swirled into one

the light a pale kiss upon deep magenta veins

the Creator’s design to teach us Hope

for life is evolving in front of our eyes

one minute opening like a slow dance

the next withering into a curl of loss

darkening into dried silken ash

but before falling softly to the ground

another slow dance peels open God’s heart

blossoming into Hope in an instant

The Quilt Ate My Pen

5 best


Ever have one of those days? Lounging in bed, rolling smokes, keeping up my checkbook, calculating whether or not I’ll have enough money to buy a new harness, lightweight, reversible, oh hell yeah. My goal, to hike and fly… anywhere I can. I’m making little notes, and at some point I lean over to light a cigarette and when I sit back up, my pen is gone. Gone! lol This is a true story, just now! lol

I have a patchwork quilt that is in the great 60’s grandma style of gaudy polyester pieces that were actually worn at the time. I know, shocking… lol  Just hideous squares of light purple dots on an orange background; dark green and red plaids; giant red flowers; bright yellow rows of puckered dashes; puckered lime ‘x’s; geometric designs in dark blues and OH MY GOD they threw it all together into a quilt. Can anyone say ‘coordinate’?  I can actually remember seeing my grandmother in the plaids and navy blue geometric suits, lmao… that was the 60s I remember. Grandma quilted with the best of them, and 8 grandchildren needed to be kept warm. She used the scraps. Grandma always made her own suits, dresses and skirts, and she looked sharp… for the time. Miss you Grandma.

My mother made all six of my brothers’ suits for Easter Sunday one year, hahahahaha, they were pale colors in purple, blue, lime, pine, and I can’t remember the other two, must have been peach or beige, anyway, my friends called them ‘the rainbow from hell’. But stand them next to each other, and we couldn’t quit laughing. They hated them. Which made me happy. I had to wear a stupid dress, so … ha!

Still, I can’t find the damn pen anywhere.  It’s RED!  If you see it, could you mail it to me.

Have a BLESSED day all, Smile


trees and fog

not haunted

simply soft, echoing

a deep flutter

a twig heartbroken

one becomes three, four

whispers chilled to drops

grasping the tips of leaves

pierced by needles


in anticipation

of the warm kiss

of light




(taken at dawn below our paragliding launch zone)

Simply Amazing



and blooming

listen to it’s heart

opening wide to die


Why do you suppose He made leaves to turn red instead of brown when they die

Why do you suppose He made some life to become a flower instead of adding one

Can you imagine the mind of The Creator

A billion billion life forms, all made from the same stuff, but each unique and singular

A billion billion planets, all made from the same stuff, but each unique and splendid

A billion billion galaxies, and we can only see a few

How much time do you think it took Him

And just how Amazing is HE

Pretty Freaking, if you ask me!




Just a week or so ago, we got this new dusting of snow, much to our dismay… but when I walked outside the sun was just coming up and I saw this! This beautiful GREEN strip across the sky, that actually seemed to be almost circular. It was gorgeous! I keep wondering if this is due to us getting some of our very own Northern Lights?? Which is super rare! Or if once again the glorious color is due to all the chemicals they are spraying in our sky’s to reflect light. We have ruined our atmosphere folks, it’s time to face it. And it’s also time you faced what you see in the sky’s above … the chemical trails that are clearly visible. ANY PILOT in the known world will tell you that CON trails last about 30 seconds. No matter how SLOW the winds are. And CHEM trails last for days, spreading out… visibly making a gorgeous day into an overcast one.

It happens here EVERY DAMN sunny day we get! and it makes ME LIVID!!!  They’re poisoning our air, our water, our FOOD!!!  Wake up people, we have got to get together and stop this.

Last year, there were hundreds of demonstrations AROUND THE GLOBE IN OVER 60 DIFFERENT countries, where we are trying to make the government STOP THIS!!!  IT IS NO JOKE!  IT IS NO STUPID CONSPIRACY, BUT IT IS NEVER IN THE PAPERS OR ON THE NEWS!!! HAVE YOU NOTICED THIS????  THE POPERAZZI NEVER COVER THE DEMO’S… WHY IS THAT?????  HUGE PROTESTS!! yet they are never covered by the media!!! The one in Seattle last year didn’t get a blurb. huh?

Just makes me wonder!  How much longer we’re going to sit around like SHEEPLE and do nothing. They are in effect killing our children and grandchildren’s future… which in turn IS killing our children. What about that don’t you get??? 

Oh well, think about it. There will be hundreds of protests again this year… look em up in your closest city. PLEASE!!!!   JOIN IN!!! It’s usually in July or August.

Street of Dreams

street of clouds


Wow! Where have I been? lol  been weeks of this… off and on.… look up…. this beautiful street of dreams is just what Paraglider Pilot’s LOVE!  I mean LOVE!!!! When its sunny out… If you can catch the thermal off the mountain, and get up under this type of cloud formation, you can “cloud-hop” to the end… these ended at the ocean. They form in the same pattern as volcanoes… only moving with the wind and forming one after another in a perfect line. Clouds make their own thermals, and they can pull you up hundreds of feet very quickly and swallow you if you’re not careful.

It was a gorgeous day, I think last month or so… that makes anyone who’s flying an addict. I get real nervous, flying near clouds, because they can suck you in if you get too close. Which isn’t all bad… except here in the NW, the clouds can turn ugly and wet in a blink. Dark clouds are scary! lol we all avoid them! Mostly because flying wet is like flying a like a rock.

I stay far below them, and can’t hop very far yet, but I’m learning. By the end of summer, I should be hitting another launch site we have up in Blanchard… but first I have to figure out how to get back home.  lol  second, I have to figure out how to change my pants while in flight! thermals make my heart race. They can be very strong winds and collapse your wing as you fly in and out of them, if you’re not paying close attention, the turbulence is sudden. You’re flying along in smooth gentle air and run smack into a wall of churning wind that’s going up and in a new direction.  AAAAAA…  that is my usual response. That and GOD!

I’ve missed you all… if you’re even still out there. I would promise to come back and write daily, but with summer just about here, I can’t make any promises. I’ll be grinning from ear to ear at 5000-10,000 feet, if you need me. I will promise to write more… than what I have been, which has been nothing… that’s always easy. 

Take care all, and if you see a bright red wing with a blue strip, look up and wave… it could be me…  Smile about to land on you… so RUN!  I got NO control!!!  lmao, I do.

The Terror



Do you feel the Terror

the deep darkness swirling

fingers of death pinching your soul

dragging you away from the light

howling for your flesh and will

Do you hear the Snare

the call of the wasted life

twisted into proud emptiness

grasping at your bright spirit

with claws and clubs of fear

tripping and ripping at your heart

Do you see the Pit

full of screams full of terror

echoes of hate and endless pain

slimed on the sides with cruelty

overflowing it reaches for you

void of light

void of hope

void of love


based loosely on Isaiah 24-17

Just Water and Knowledge



we are all

just water and knowledge


little dust at the beginning

remaining only on the surface

‘til the breeze has it’s way

rippling with laughter

across years of wash

while a moment is filled

with a flowing grace

unrecognized or shunned

by a will diminished at each turn

as desire pulls at us

like roots wrinkled with age

as the seas loom in the distance

forgetting we were made

from beneath the sky

rising slowly after each fall

to cascade with light

while mercy covers our soul

and wisdom wanes into a well


mt si tip

where love is selflessly given

a dove swoons in the pale moonlight

calling softly to the whispering stars

singing praises to an almighty hand

holding joy balanced on fingertips


yet where greed is lifted higher

an unkindness of crows grows

ignited like a spark of firelight

dancing in the dark as if hate

burned beneath their bloodied claws



Mt Si from Snoq

wisps of love sail across a barren land

as time settles all like a calm breeze

tickling the toes of a dead season

melting the cold into bubbling spring

rounded jade and pine covered hills

skirting a majesty like none ever seen

fading the rust and rugged rocks

a tempest shadow over budding green

Magma Rising

Mt Si's Magma Column

Check out the Magma Column on the Western side of Mt. Si

(Directly above the words “Check out”)

Of course the other three points are also from volcanic activity, but it is rare to see the actual column after so many years, almost pushing its way out the front… still to this day. It had a peak at one time, I would guess, but when you look closely you can see its been cast to the four corners of the Earth.

I live for the day that Mt. Rainier blows, praying I’m sitting on top of THIS mountain, my mountain, Mt. Si, so I have a front row seat to the most spectacular eruption of our time. Most likely I’ll get covered by a foot of ash and suffocate, but what a way to go, eh? lol  What a show!

That and I’ve always longed to watch Yosemite blow…

one can always hope  Smile

Nothing you do…



If you did a pole on people across the world, how many do you think believe that ‘their actions’ will get them into Heaven? Being a good Christian woman or man; going to church every sunday, giving an entire dollar bill to the homeless guy with the sign, baking cookies for hours to raise money so the youth league can purchase a new basketball hoop, dressing your daughters in matching pink dresses with black paten shoes and your sons in matching suits every sunday, being kind to others, earning good Karma, giving 10% of your income to your church each month, helping to usher or passing the plate, singing in the choir, going to church at Christmas time and Easter, or any other time you want… ETC.

Sadly, you will find that about 90% actually think this is true.

I am here to tell you… you missed the point.

All of those things will slowly make you a better person… but GOD doesn’t care if you are a better person. He will take you as you ARE… RIGHT NOW… and could care less if you are a good person.

The point you missed, was PUTTING GOD FIRST… not the image you want others to see. NOT following others like a lamb to slaughter. But instead, LETTING GOD RUN YOUR LIFE.

Every day, morning noon or night, TELL GOD TO DO WITH YOU WHAT HE WILL!!  Tell God, USE ME today Lord, in any way you need.

THIS WILL INSURE YOUR FUTURE IN HEAVEN… nothing in that first paragraph will do!

(GBAbyG on Christmas Eve, so bummed she got a new unicorn helmet, because her bike is broken and Grammy didn’t know it… bad Grammy…. Gbabygirl forgave me. Smile)

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Sway Away


1 abstract

finding your tree of life

Glory kisses a seed

grow towards the light

rinse in the falling rain

shine and bow

once rooted sway away

for the light is grown in you

and hope is your seed


find the Messiah in you

the Hope of Glory

burning in the light

leave darkness to fall

shine from your soul

stretch your branch of hope

resting in the Messiah

the Hope of Glory


1bad dad


rising from the ashes

stirring the wind of a lost world

to save a species unworthy

more beautiful than an eagle

no flaming phoenix compares

soaring a slow sacred spiral

eyes surveying lush green

rolling into grays and dark

filthy boxes of mortality

shadowed by the girdle

of rising peaks of white

in a breath or a moment

of cleanliness and clarity

before carnality dances by

filling the streets now tiny

slipping away

wings gliding

His soul smiles

as He rises further

and further


His Hope


Fall is here…



My internet has been down… due to me FIRING Centurylink… they suck! 

So I’ve been gone for some time, flying mostly anyway, and not spending any time at all writing here… but what I did do… is lay down some rules for the month of October…

While my internet is down, I WILL FINISH my latest work of art, my novel, A Hot Mess of Murder… BEFORE November 1st… when Nanowrimo starts up again, and I have to start a whole new novel.

Therefore, I probably won’t post much here, but I did need to post this, to MAKE myself keep to my goals. This novel was created for the most part 2 years ago, and then life took over. Mostly, my new life as a paraglider!  GAWD… I cannot get enough. Writing just got thrown to the wayside.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in, and say… HELLO, MISSED YOU ALL, and SEE YA SOON….


Snagged by Thorns



like a voodoo doll, poking and stabbing

your friend one moment

your frenemy the next

the gossip shared behind another’s back

crushing, slicing through

with endless unknown effects


the Holiest mountain stands just out of reach

while you’re stuck below

snagged by thorns piercing everywhere

your mouth firmly rooted in jealousy

held in place by envious boulders

you never once noticed were there


beguiled into thinking you can climb

past the cruelty

past the unsympathetic crime

a devil of a feat to overcome

this shutting off of evil words

slaying your heart and soul for all time


where blackness is the least of magic

driving up from deep below

your mouth moving in a downward spell

the trick behind gossiping

is you thinking it’s harmless

raising the mountain above your own hell


Psalm 15 A Psalm of David.

LORD, who shall sojourn in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell upon Thy holy mountain?

He that hath no slander upon his tongue.


Technically, it’s the commandment stating, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” but it seems to get less attention than, thou shalt not murder or thou shalt not lie. But Yeshuah said, all sins are equal.  Like I always say, joking, when someone lies straight to my face and I know it… “You know, you go to hell for lying, same as you do for stealing and murder.”  Just my little way of reminding people… all the commandments are equal!

All demanded by GOD!

Not just one or two….


brandon in front of a ferris wheel at Gorge 2016

Driving forward, nothing can stop him

With the will of a weed, he will steer

Through the chaos that fills every moment

Squealing tires and melting hearts, with little to no fear

Determined to make a life long remembered

His grip tight and spirit second to none

Taking his life and the world by storm

Transcending the scar of a forsaken son

No doubts trouble his insightful vision

Plowing through problems with ease and grace

His strength growing with each passing year

Determined to conquer and win each race

Shining his light into the darkest of realms

His fire for life a rare maternal element

Blinding en masse as his journey unfolds

His passion leads him to complete fulfillment

He will make each of his dreams happen

He’s a supernova just waiting to explode

Coupled with traits such as will and desire

Nothing can stop him or veer him off road

I May Have Been…



I feel like I may have been a little harsh in my last post. 

But as usual, I never think before I post.

It just spills out of me sometimes.  I felt, while writing it, like Yeshuah was angry, and wanted to make a point. Don’t get me wrong, it was all me, because I have yet to hear Him speak to me. You will not hear me say out loud, ever, that “God Told Me…” and go on with something I made up. I truly love God, as my Father, and Yeshuah as his arm, or branch, or the Son of YHVH, THE All Mighty One.. I could go on and on… He takes care of me. But despite many prayers for Him to speak to me, it hasn’t happened…yet!! But, for some reason yesterday I just felt like Yeshuah should say something, as the poem oozed out of me. I’m guessing it was the Ruach Hakodesh, the Holy Spirit.  I think sometimes it prods me on like a poker to a horse…get moving old girl, He says…. lol  But, no; yesterday I was just feeling feisty.

This other part of me… just wants to yell at people.  Have you ever felt like that?? You just want to strangle people! Seriously, I’m in fear of becoming a serial killer.  lol  I’d be the Cherrieo’s Killer, due to my gf calling me Cherrieo’s; I in turn call her Corn Flakes, due to her being a bit ditzy sometimes.

I digress.

Take the moron at work this am that was a proud racist, and smarted off to me about it…. but tucked his head in shame as he ducked out the door. This was right after I told him, “Uh, no…” at this point I make a big ‘no’ face, like I’m speaking to a kindergartner, “sorry, but we’re NOT RACISTS here, so we’ll have NONE of that kind of talk!” He left smiling, because I was smiling, but he understood at that moment in time, he was so wrong! He was not in a world that still lives in the 80’s. 

I truly hope he thought about it for a while, ducking his head like he did, I know he was ashamed of himself… but if I hadn’t stopped him… he would have continued on for the rest of his life, thinking it was ok to make comments like that.  Sometimes I wonder, if it only takes ONE TIME, before the embarrassment can alter ones’ open aggression and the self-centered-self-righteous bullshit they’ve concocted to convince themselves that they are better than someone else!  Hell, they actually think they are better than a whole group of people who are different than themselves.

Anywho…. today I’ll try to post something lovely… everyone loves puppies and springtime! Smile

Your Reason For Life

for casz3


why would you deny Me, your loving Father

I offered you eternity, long before your life would end

you saw it coming

you know it’s inevitable

still proudly you refuse to believe and bend


full of stubborn selfishness

a scholar of men, thinking science proves you right

yet you can’t explain

what little you do see

let alone ignoring what you witness each night


quoting what you call greats

forgetting the Holiest One, your philosophies wax and wane

they explain little

only what you think

revealing the multitude left to explain


being humble isn’t in your nature, you say

but I created humanity to be humane, gentle yet strong

not to be proud

not to be self-righteous

but self-sacrificing as devoted servants belong


giving to one another, sharing every needed thing

your reason for life is to love Me and one another

never hurting

never diminishing

keeping all souls as your own sister and brother


so don’t bother praying now at your life’s end

its useless, for your time to serve has long since passed

you chose wrong

you wasted your life

and I, Yeshuah, have found you empty and unchaste



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

OK… so I’m going to be upfront here… I’m cheating!!  LOL  These are all pictures I took in the past, but when the prompt came up “Mirror”, well, I just had to pull up some of my favorites!  I love a good reflective shot!  They should be postcards, don’t you think?

I snuck a few oddballs in too, just for fun.

Hope you enjoy my mountains! Smile


mirror RS lake stumpmirror north fork sunlight with cross


mirror mt si with lake


mirror ocean with birds

mirror of kitty with spot on her nose


mirror porch light


mirror snake teeth in river


mirror RS pond by rock walkway


mirror RS lake cover of my book


mirror snoq slew in pink and purple


mirror favorite snoq river at dusk


mirror RS lake and mountains


mirror mt si with lake in fall


mirror cachess lake


mirror RS lake in smoke from fires

Please Pray….

Romeo, Twinkie and Sweetheart…

brandon 0021twinkSweettart

DSCN0630Lil Misster Kitty 9-2016

Lil Misster Kitty… before …                 and now………….  3 weeks later



NOT ONLY for my four cats who are all dying now, but for the evil neighbor who has poisoned them with rat poison, I think. He needs help…and so do his three daughters and wife, who have to live with him. 

The EVIL neighbor, we’ll call him Satan… doesn’t understand … much of anything… but especially the fact that the people who lived there before him had 11 cats, and mine are still trying to claim their territory, doing what they naturally do, pee and spraying all over the place. 

I can understand Satan’s frustration, and disgust, not having pets himself, but there are better ways to make my cats stop visiting his home…. like shooting bee-bee’s at their behinds, which only sting, but don’t maim or kill, or do much of anything but run them off.  Or he could scare them, putting one of my cat traps in the spot they’re peeing in and trapping them, so I know which one it is…and so it also scares them out of going over there again.

BUT NO… nothing humane … he’s an evil asshole who has poisoned all four of them, with Lil Misster Kitty on deaths doorstep.  He went from being a fat little ornery fart, to a skeleton in two weeks, with stuff oozing from his eyes and nose to the point he’s wheezing, losing his hair, not moving … and now the other three are following suit.  They’re dying of thirst, which is the first clue to a poisoning with rat poison, not eating, and running fevers. All classic symptoms, which breaks my heart. There’s no way to prove it was Satan, but they make rat poison to taste wonderful, and Lil Misster has always been a greedy eater. Which is why he’s going first, would be my guess.

I want to put them down so they don’t suffer, but it will break my heart four times over…so all I can say is Please Pray everyone, for them and him… and maybe a tiny bit for me.  You all know… I love them, I hate them, I love them, I hate them…. and on and on.  BUT A CRUEL DEATH like this… NOTHING DESERVES THIS! Well, maybe the neighbor does… still, just say a quick prayer for my kits… at the least, that they don’t hurt!  They don’t seem to be in pain, yet, so I’m waiting… hoping now that I’ve locked them inside the house, they might recover.  But I think it’s a long shot. 

And do add a mention for the evil neighbor, he’s headed straight for hell, a well deserved hell, but maybe if we all pray for his lost soul, we might still save him.  (You go first, I’m still thinking about it… hahaha) No.. I’m serious, it’s about loving your enemies… and not flattening his tires… not spray painting his house with the words “MURDERER”, etc… lol  Can you tell I’m struggling… I am!

Thanks all, and hope you are all having a Blessed Day! Smile

A Mountain of Forgiveness



most likely its my greatest of woes

like climbing a mountain with no toes

or swimming an ocean for a deep breath

what will I do if it means my death

this not forgiving I hold a grudge

double the anger gives me a nudge

greedy parasites cover earth in a mist

and cruelty is at the top of the my list

growing longer than impatience endures

with my peeves flying past in sharp blurs

I stumble repeatedly flailing off a deadly cliff

falling into shit with a miserable whiff

not quite finding the strength to dig on out

I crawl towards the mountain clawing about

while my heart and hands are covered in pain

I’ve given in to an endless reign

of evil and heartache till I’m finally full

rupturing and bursting my only soul

never learning that vengeance is God’s alone

only His to smite from His Holy throne

His Death

fire river 2


His soft and gentle blood ran in red rapids

While His torturous death gave me my life

How I ache to become His devoted wife

Sadly I deign to think He’d have me

It’s discerning to learn I can’t repay Him

I’m disgusted my blood is soured and weak


Yet His hope is filling an empty vessel

Dripping in time with each weeping need

Holiness replacing my soul with a lamb

Drowning me until I’m finally freed


Suddenly I’m high with unbelievable spirit

My drumming heartbeat flows into music

For I will always be deemed worthy

Without one single second thought

Someday soon I will be His Adoring Wife

Because His Pure Love Gave Me Life


As His hope is filling an empty vessel

Dripping in time with each weeping need

Holiness replacing my soul with a lamb

Drowning me until I’m finally freed

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

This photo just cracked me up and made my day!

The Emergency Exit you can waltz around and the sign across the street that says “Dip”, were just too much for me to take.

I’m assuming it applies to the idiot who installed this gate.

Notice the signs on the left that say Peligro and Danger… of what?

My only thought was it must be a gate to Hell! 

If you read it “emergency…exit only”, it qualifies!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun











(inside joke, gonna make bumper stickers, this is now my copyrighted catchphrase, thanks to the internet!)

Gliding In Emptiness



busy, always so busy

buzzing from one stray thought to another

around a stalk of witless obsession

a deep need filled with perceptions

of life, the edges of a feathered fracture

to tap dance across

or fluttering

on a breeze of easy answers

as life, bored into years of numbness 

becomes a drone hovering


you are gliding in emptiness

and your heart has missed its journey

never pausing your flight to wonder why

not even for one slender moment

so long as you are busy,

busy, always so busy