in his eyes

Shards Of DuBois:

hoping this touches one of you deeply enough to bring about change! (both kinds) :)

Originally posted on Heartafire:

It was winter.
The sun was shining
but a chilly wind tugged
at my coat.
I made it down
seventh avenue,
my mind a thousand miles away.

With out-stretched hand,
he approached me.
I swore beneath my breath,
I am such a soft touch.
His inflamed eyes
looked older than his years,
I imagined from booze
and no rest.

His shame became my own
as my hands, like frightened birds,
searched the bottom of my purse
until they found deliverance from
the cold face of reality,
the sick and abandoned,
displaced from shelter
and human touch.

In those sad eyes I saw
the demise of countries,
I looked into the future,
and to my devastation
the reflection of the world.

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