How many ways can God show me… I’ll survive?


sitting by the river

just a few hours ago

the water tumbling into

a splattering roar

splashing at my feet

yet I don’t seem to care

about the debt or water

attempting to drown me

for the sun is peeking at me

through the branches above

sending me a calming love

just as an orange leaf

elegantly floats down

to become a boat

maybe for a bug or fly

to voyage across on

to a safe haven near the rocks

as I wonder

where is my boat

as each splash gurgles

and burps

something moves beneath me

and my rock

catching my eye

making me smile

as I watch the crawdad

trying to quickly sneak by

but he runs into my rock

his claws clicking

and grabs a stone

tucked under the edge

almost his size and backs up

moving it, then another,

and another, before

slipping under my rock

and sneaking down his hole

reminding me

no matter how big the rock

with enough determination

I too can move mountains

life going on….

So my computer crashed the other day… totally  bummed me out! Just having to upload everything I had before is giving me a migraine.

Just last week, I had to get a loan to have my water heater and pipes repaired, which I managed to do by begging like a whipped dog! Now I owe, I owe, ….. it’s off to work I go, for another year in debt.

But it just gets better and better, as I am driving back from purchasing a new Dell laptop, smiling at it sitting there next to me on the seat, all the way home … then I hear this noise in my engine. Oh yeah, you guessed it…

Now I need a new water pump in my pickup… to the tune of $550.00!!!

So I ask you… is it really an old wives tale that says things come in threes…. cause I’ve had enough!

My three have struck with a sucking vengeance!

Gonna have to go buy a lotto ticket to pay for all this shit!

I wonder if I wait to pay the mechanic until after he’s done, he will mind if I don’t pay at all??? Or maybe short him a few hundred?

Ah well, life goes on…  at least I will have hot water again, and won’t fall through my floor while taking a shower…and I can still write…until I have to spend every waking moment walking to and from work!!

Oh happy day!!! :)

One…by one



blue jeans faded

like the brightness

in her eyes

a star during the day

no longer shining

sitting beneath

a gnarly ancient tree

she decides

she’s a mirror of all

the rotten apples

falling slowly


by one

as the chill sets in

a green worm

climbs out

pausing only

to decide

which path to take



sammamish and si 038


its a nag at the back of the brain

almost an itch pushing you

to the edge

an idea turning over

a leaf in a flittie wind

if he said it, himself

can you ignore it

while it drives you slowly

ever so slowly mad

circling around in a pit

of ocean raging beneath

a hurricane of incessant thought

that idea that never stops

popping up

at the strangest moments

as a slightly off stranger

catches your eye

makes you smile

at a sweet memory

then wham, there it is

or that flash of light that

tints the sky a shade

you’ve never quite seen

in a sunset, it’s there

throwing a dirty sock

into the washer

and then you start to think

good god how did that ick

get there, but it pops in again

he said it himself

and you scream inside

as you hear it

a thousand thousand times

stop thinking about it

the screaming reverberating

off the walls of your brain

shaking your skull until its loose

the matter sloshing around

then wham, there it is

he said

Love thy Lord God

with all you heart and soul

which leaves nothing for him

for to love with ALL

you must love with ALL…


thy Lord God

Glory or Grime



Glory or Grime

not a badass rhyme

just a simple climb

most of the time

doesn’t take luck

feet may get stuck

a struggle in the muck

may take a pickup truck

to pull you back out

never ever doubt

just give a shout

there’s angels about

to listen to your story

you too can rest in Glory

so reach for the sublime

crawl out of that Grime

say what? lol

Second book is online NOW…. Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

Woot Woot, my second book is up and running!!!  (Don’t download the Kindle version yet, it looks messed up and I just informed them it’s not showing properly… so it  may be a day or so before it’s ready…)


Long Before Time cover



here’s the link… in case you’re interested!!  ONLY $11.92 right now!!