beauty may only be skin deep

but rooted evil will quickly creep

covering every inch it devours

inside and out with an abysmal scour

yet they say ugly goes to the bone

spending eons completely alone

learning life’s most valued treasure

is the loving soul in any creature

A Wild Dance


glorious sunshine dancing across the leaves

playing hide and seek while a spider weaves

raining down from a blazing ball of fire

resounding with happiness a bird on a wire

a few wispy attempts streak across the sky

blown to the east for the winds need to fly

songs calling out look at the bright light

lighting up the worms sneaking out of sight

trees swaying rustle a hushed creaking tune

while sands lift and circle creating a new dune

a doe-see-doe down to a windswept sea

wild fish fly rising wishing to be free

until seabirds snag them buffeted off course

waiting above screaming until they’re all horse

in this moment alone the world seems just right

enjoying simple glory until the stars dance tonight

Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

I wrote this poem today, to use in my second book,

Long Before Time; the Moses Beings.

Every four lines in a stanza are inserted at the beginning of each chapter. Yes, I know it is very long, the longest poem I have ever written, as each stanza is a short “poetic representation” of the chapter it heads. It is more like a short story, but there are 29 chapters in the book. lol

Enjoy, and I will applaud you if you make it to the end without falling asleep!! :)


Long Before Time


Embroiled in a desert

yet frozen in time

life sparked in a fire anew

amidst a pulverized grime.


A journey began in darkness

creeping below a cool moon

searching for a hazy hope

waning in the afternoon.


An indigo hint of life

sprinkled like spring flowers

barren of song or soaring

emptiness fell in showers.


Danger near at every bend

yet faith endured echoing

a promise from beyond

nigh a spirit of knowing.


In sickness and in health

‘til death do they part

striving to survive

unrivaled love fills the heart.


Taunting moments

endured for too long

shifting into joy

erupting into song.


Praying for comfort

kneeling on a mountain temple

abruptly desolate and alone

accepting far from simple.


Reaching a river’s edge

a black swirling menace

fighting back the tears

only calm on the surface.


Starting over

an inconceivable cost

devastation unbearable

wandering and lost.


Still life finds a way

while painful to the weak

crafting laughter gently

for the humble and the meek.


The birth of all things new

from trees to life in the sea

outshines deaths’ stroke

as a bird soars free.


Winging its way to the ocean

heading into twilight

the day escapes in a flutter

a journey fashioned in flight.


The crushing of the waves

a thundering travesty

a pretense of floating beauty

brilliant as an eagle’s majesty.


Just as the mountains range down

reaching for its pebbles fallen

the sea grips life in a tide

rolling engorged and swollen.


Like bricks pounding

or a seashell of pearl

the ocean rages inward

in a deadly savage swirl.


Like the madness in a horse

eating until it’s bursting

a briny sadness fills the soul

and sorrow leaves it thirsting.


Similar to a wandering spirit

days turn into weeks of pain

the folly of a vagrant life

becomes a brackish rain.


Yet even Dahlia’s suddenly close

before a miserable storm

sealing up a meager home

their dwelling safe and warm.


Despite the unusualness

of the moon controlling the tides

announcing a novel presence

an owl rarely hides.


Survival means its hunting

nightly hour by hour

watching life above a darkened trail

eyes wide open and dour.


Prepared for the unexpected

option for an offered meal

like a bear or any other predator

an owl swoops in with zeal.


Known for their protectiveness

guarding against danger in the night

this spirit beneath the pale moon

only rests in bright sunlight.


Truly as the twinkle of stars light

an ancient well-worn path

this bird of prey knows not

to incur an eagle’s wrath.


As he soars above all

a surveying menace in his domain

spiraling down to his mate

safely nested his children remain.


Thus he journeys far and wide

he will die to shield and defend

his offspring from any calamity

with almighty talons to rend.


For she has birthed

the greatest glory to God

majestic and grand

for all to applaud.


Then he will teach them

every skill he’s ever known

how to reach the almighty heavens

just as he was shown.


For nothing is greater upon this Earth

than reaching Almighty God above

rising above the windswept skies

and receiving His Almighty Love.

Peace Kisses Righteousness


Truth opens your eyes as a winter day is chilled

to the bone to crack loudly with a painful grasp

for Mercy is earned not given wings to soar

rising above jagged awareness and blown vigilance

for Peace to kiss your life as a butterfly on a petal

across a desert of embroiled wavering

the omitted cold braces Righteousness

sometimes with a slap rather than embrace

for Truth will spring from your deepest soul

a knowing you cannot deny your marrow

as the stars bear witness to Eternity

Righteousness gazes from afar in Heaven


inspired by:

Psalm 10:11 and 12 from Hebrew text

11 Mercy and truth are met together;

righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

12 Truth springeth out of the earth;

and righteousness hath looked down from heaven.


So glad to be done with my old position as of an hour ago… now on to bigger and better things!

I’ll be working in Security now, and can’t wait. Not only did I score a full time slot, but I’m getting a huge raise!!!

Ah, life will be good! I can’t wait. Not having to stress all the time over bills, living literally pay check to pay check. Bouncing checks periodically because I had to pay the bills, but just couldn’t cover them. Thank God my bank is so cool, and offers overdraft protection, which they charge for, but at least they don’t send the checks back and mess up my bills as well; they go ahead and pay them knowing I will pay them … soon. :) LOVE me some Credit Union! The only good banking institution ever invented!

I can’t even imagine at this point, having money left over each month, to buy food with, maybe some decent clothes that aren’t 4 years old, maybe fix my poor truck that has many issues! Runs like a dream, a serious blessing from God, I’ve NEVER had to have work done on it in 9 years!!! Hallelujah! But it’s a bit beat up, and needs new brakes and tires and a new windshield due to many cracks in it! It would probably have a heart attack if I got it a tune-up…at least go into shock… but it’s on its way!

I might even get my poor house issues fixed before winter hits, getting the running water fixed in my kitchen, getting the entire house rewired before I burn it down accidently, and best of all, repairing the floor under my slightly sloping bathtub!!! I keep picturing the horror of it falling through the floor as I’m naked in the shower!! hahaha God what a sight that would be! The neighbors would never be the same!!

I hate to have to worry about money all the time, it’s such a stress! I hate to ask God to help me out, and I really have way too much pride to ask for help. But I have done so repeatedly over the last 4 years; it was that or become homeless!  And I believe God was teaching me about pride, and how to let it go! Well Done Lord!!

THANK YOU GOD!!! For all the help you’ve sent my way! For all the kindness I came across just when I needed it!

For my SON who helped several times, and hasn’t once asked for anything in return!

For my MOM who also helped me several times, when she’s as poor as I am, but snuck me the money I desperately needed. Of course it may have been because I threatened to move in with her! hahaha  NOT, she would love that, but I teased her about it, and she was so sweet to help me!

So with God’s blessings, I may get out of the hole, get on my feet again, and be able to repay my family for all their help!

LIFE IS GOOD!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!! and I AM A HAPPY GIRL!!! :) :) :)

Now I can concentrate of praying for others, and relax for a change, knowing God is STILL taking great care of me!!!

I would ask that all of you who do pray, say a prayer for my youngest son, he’s still very lost in the world, and needs every prayer you can pray!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Now to enjoy the weekend, the first I’ve had off in 8 months! WOOT WOOT!!!!

Petrified Wood



Going backwards into war

never succeeding

cavemen we soar

obviously receding.

An embarrassment

on a massive scale

this ageless harassment

our brilliance doth pale.

Fighting over belief

killing for a spot of land

never a moments relief

wasted nails in a hand.

Human stupidity still stood

like trees frozen in time

much as petrified wood

ignorance frozen in mind.



(Going to the University of Washington this morning, to have two professors look at my Petrified Wood collection. Found eight pieces several years ago, beautiful large samples. Possibly going to display it, hopefully they will be able to determine the type of wood and age. Then I may donate it, or have it displayed in the Museum!! So excited!)



small limbs