None Stand Brighter!



None Stand Brighter!


Of kings and queens

None stand brighter

Than a lamb of pure blinding white

His only royalty

A shepherds hook

And a star shining brilliantly bright

His blood wasn’t blue

He didn’t wear velvet

And His crown was made of thorns

He remained meek

Never tarnished His Glory

Only the love of His Father adorns

His eyes were clear

His Word held dear

His truth and His love unequaled

His kindness unrivaled

His fairness a blessing

His life and death repeatedly retold

He didn’t judge others

He didn’t fight back

And He never rested on a pile of gold

He said “Follow Me”

And “Peace to All”

His arms always ready to hold

We celebrate

Every single year

This one amazing birth above all others

Because He still lives

This Prince of Peace

Not once failing to love his brothers

He Rose above evil

Then and even now

And He’s promised to return one day

His name is Yeshuah

And He Is and Was

The Truth, The Light and The Way

To all my fellow writers….

Good morning all. I have a question for you… I am wondering how many of you actually WRITE for a living?

I would love to be a writer every day of my life, and make a living at it. But I need a LEGIT company to work for, and am wondering if any of you know of any company who actually hires writers to work for them.

I have seen all the scams out there on the internet where you do editing work or write tiny blurbs for pennies for each piece… and could not survive on that.

So I am reaching out to you all, to see if any of you know of a REAL company who hires writers???

As you know, this blog I write here is dedicated to God, but I write all kinds of things, and do editing for others, beta reading, too, and would love to be able to write for a living, even if it’s just ads, blurbs, blogging, short stories, really anything that is LEGITIMATE!!

Trying to find a real job on the internet is not only incredibly hard, it’s scary! There are sooo many places that are just there to rip you off, or send you out phishing, that I’ve given up on trying to find a job online, unless I know the person offering it.

So please, if any of you, MY FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS, knows of a real job I could apply for… please take a minute and respond!!

THANKS so much, and thanks for following me for two years… you’ve made my life so much more complete by just taking the time to read my blog!!

Deb  :)





like a hummingbird

flitting in and out of a turtlehead flower

flitting in and out of my heart


like a butterfly

fluttering up and down in a breeze

fluttering up and down my spine


like a bird in flight

soaring high over life’s doubts

soaring high no matter what lies below


like a busy bee

buzzing in circles around my head

buzzing in circles is eternal


like a mockingbird

repeating a phrase such as:

he who has hope, has everything


therefore in this very moment

I have everything

… everything


Please pray one and all…


climbing the walls

enduring the pain

he’s trying again

just like the rain

he wants to come back

suffering through it all

drenched in doubt

curled into a ball

up to day four

counting minutes past

the dark holding on

clinging to the last

drop of his strength

still reaching for light

sick and worn out

still trying to fight

the evil that has held

his life in endless hell

please pray one and all

he’ll soon be well

(… and make it this time …)


A Frozen Soul


when confusion sets in over a frozen soul

locked in a spiral floating in the wind

a shadow standing dark and long

looks on at the blinding light

not quite understanding warmth or a touch

its icy indifference a crystallized drop

among a trillion cold tears falling silently

gathered together yet acres apart

a crust of vanity chilling to the core

where wisdom is shattered by a breath

and greed becomes a frost of evil dusting

No Matter the Reason



standing alone in a cold brisk wind

shivering beneath the clouds

a wave of shimmering snow falls

as they moan barely holding on

trying to stay warm

under a blanket of avoidance

with no one noticing them

as they pass by without

saying a word or kind thought

struggling every single minute

their world shattered

by indifference and disregard

yet we all know deep down

they shouldn’t be there

no matter the reason or way

still we pass by over and over

never once with true compassion

in our hearts

the last eagle


sitting stoically all alone

sat the last eagle one morn

I wondered if he forgot to leave

of if he was just a bit forlorn

cold and windy the snow freshly fallen

he sat there in a silent majestic way

but then he must have heard his wife call

for he suddenly flew away



His very own




I’m blessed for His arms surround me

I’m blessed when I kneel on bended knee

I’m graced with good health and life

I’m graced He loves me during strife

I’m honored to be called His very own

I’m honored to know I’m never alone

I’m thankful the Lord above forgives

I’m thankful to show all in me He lives

Love from Above


Love from Above

messed up and lost or full of life and love

teetering on the edge or rising up above

no matter their path or number of days

they take our hearts with them always

we are truly gifted with their presence

even when dealing with their nonsense

still we give them every inch of our soul

our hearts our love and they make us whole

Thank You God for giving us children to love

Blessing us Gloriously like only You do above






clean my soul

wipe away the stains

empty my mind

take away the pains

blank the worry

brush off the fears

trim the lacking

dry up the tears

set adrift despair

open my eyes

loose the rapture

break the ties

breach the gap

pull aside the veil

satisfy the hope

teach me to kneel


72,000 words in 20 days!!!  I killed it this year! Had my 50,000 in under two weeks!!!

Of course I was home sick for two weeks, so I had plenty of time to write!!

This next novel is called “A Hot Mess of Murder”!!!  lol and is a comedy of errors!!

Now to spend the next few MONTHS editing and re-writing it into a GOOD novel will

be the HARD part!!! Plus I need a cover photo…. maybe of a crazy woman riding

haphazardly through town on a horse…. or something similar…. don’t have a clue

where I’m gonna find that!   IF ANYONE has a graphic of that…. get in touch with

me ASAP!!  Might even use a drawing of some type…..   :)

On that Beach



standing on that beach

back before my life began

dry grass tufts sailed on by

a whisper on the wind cried

I didn’t know it would be

the last wave I saw

as I ran to the very edge

tears streaming behind me

white caps tipping over

falling crashing burying

the hope I had for us

a raw brine filled wound

clawing at my chest

I ripped out my heart

and handed it to you

only to have you toss it

over the side into the sea

drowned in a selfish depth

bloated it floated back to my toes

standing on that beach


upside down heart


testing patience

standing on a precipice

laces untied

chores long forgotten

as another sigh escapes


while their imagination

takes hold

takes flight

dancing on a breeze

filled with innocence

and all you see is jumping off a counter

Wanderlust of a Doodad

Reposting for a friend’s amusement!


Wanderlust of a Doodad



He hated being next to the cheese grater,

it scratched up the beautiful Saturn ring he wore,

so in anger one day he sliced cracks along his sides,

and rolled himself to the other side of the drawer.

The wine opener jumped back having a stroke,

and accidentally poked a hole in the spoon,

who whined terribly day and night,

with a dribble, she knew she was ruined.

The cheese grater scratched at his gashes,

he was no longer greater than a knife,

now he had huge tainted clefts,

how would he be able to find a wife?

The garlic press pulled out his camera,

pointed it at the grater and said, “say cheese.”

then posted it on eHarmony and YouTube,

searching for a lady the grater would please.

The dinner knives took a closer look,

along with a butcher knife and hatchet,

all agreed the grater looked sketchy now,

and said, “cruise the auto drawer for a ratchet.”

But the grater didn’t give up on love,

he widened his space in the crowded drawer,

scratching the shiny ice cream scoop, too,

knocking the chopsticks onto the floor.

The ice cream scooper stared coldly,

dragging over others as he moved in a crawl,

exciting the now happy cork screw,

with the hardness of his ball.

Sounding like a throbbing number,

the chopsticks were beating themselves midday,

just as a scraping noise was heard,

clearly, up a few drawers, that day.

Slowly but surely with a scrape, scrape, scrape, pull,

a voluptuous figure was heading their way,

buxom and black with a shiny new head,

snatching at the wood, she made her way.

She reached the drawer and stood up proud,

showing off her curved grippy handle,

while the strainer flipped upside down,

and the matches lit a birthday candle.

She was made for the big square grater,

even the pizza slicer did a wheeler,

the grater fell in love instantly on sight,

with the curvascious carrot peeler.







I wonder what birds did for you Lord,

to get the wings to fly,

did they spread love daily,

or sing Your praises on high?

Did they help to build homes

for the homeless with whatever,

wood and string they could find

caring, leaving no one behind, never.

Did they pollinate every single flower

to fill our world with fragrance and color

sprinkling grace and glory over every inch

earnestly nesting peace into one another?

I dream of someday soaring to You,

earning my wings as birds have done,

spreading seeds to feed the world,

spreading love just like Your Son.


eye nebula 2


my season of pain is coming to an end

I twist my fingers in a clinch

yearning, never ending yearning

fills my soul like a vast emptiness

swirling against endless walls

spreading into an infinity

of hope just hanging on the edges

slipping dripping trying to escape

its face peeking from a ripple

rolling away with every grasp

of my crippled hands my heart

aching matches the distance

dense and free as the infinity

circles round and back to me

and I finally see it’s His retina

holding me my world my heart

forever in an infinity of hope

John 17:1-3 (It Doesn’t Come From A Book)

Shards Of DuBois:

WOW this was such a moving video!!! LOVED IT!!! 9 minutes of peace and praise!

Originally posted on The River Walk:

From A Book

After saying all these things, Jesus looked up to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son so he can give glory back to you. For you have given him authority over everyone. He gives eternal life to each one you have given him. And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth. (John 17:1-3)

Read: Matthew 26:31-35, Mark 14:27-31, Luke 22:31-38, John 13:31 – 15:17

Relate: Do you know what a college education is good for? About ten years worth of crippling debt. A young man or woman, fresh out of high school heads off to the most expensive school their grades and academic intelligence qualifies them for. Once there, for four years they sit behind one desk after another, listening to one professor after another, soaking up knowledge in one…

View original 515 more words




You flew to me out over the sea

Rising with a storming gale

Spreading out Your ancient arms

I saw You through the veil

Glorious Your light was blinding

Yet as I took Your hand

I settled on a floating cloud

And there You made me stand

Holding each and every breath

As fear rose from deep inside

My heart stopping all at once

Looking down at the crashing tide

You said softly “Just trust Me”

As I looked into Your loving eyes

I knew my heart was about to burst

As we soared beyond the skies

Only He

Only He


the winds soared like God swiped an angry hand

trees fell into crumbling slabs of splinters

rained pounded sideways flipping the mist

the clouds now a falling soggy fog

the silence shattered with creaking branches

leaves torn grow as a shroud over the cold ground

amidst it all a clean freshness rose

along with a sweet childish soul

as I stood face up asking once again why

the storm drenched me to my shivering skin

hiding the tears only He could fathom

Dear Lord…

Dear Lord, please be with my friend today, she’s like a sister to me. She’s been there for me so many times I can’t count. She’s the most loving kind giving, God fearing, God worshiping, God loving and God giving person I know, and today what I have feared for years myself… happened to her.

I can’t begin to imagine her pain. I can’t begin to say the right words, I can’t even fathom the hurt she feels right now.

All I know is she is the last person on earth who deserved this.

I know for sure You will hold her in Your heart, if only I ask. Therefore I ask.

Wrap her in Your Love, drown her in Your Peace, and give her Your Almighty Strength.


He Shines

He Shines


Flyin’ like a bird in a breeze

Or hopeless and on my knee’s

He’s there, He shines so bright

Darkness runs from His light


Sailin’ across deep blue seas

Or problems comin’ in threes

He’s here, He shines so bright

Darkness screams in flight


He loves me deeper than the sea

He loves you just as deeply

I sing His name today and tomorrow

I sing in praise no matter the sorrow


Soarin’ on His wings of Grace

Or hiding the shame on my face

He’s there, He shines so bright

Darkness flees in fright


Racing across warm dunes of gold

Or crawling through freezing cold

He’s here, He shines so bright

Darkness hides from His sight


He loves me deeper than the sea

He loves you just as deeply

I sing His name today and tomorrow

I sing in praise no matter the sorrow


He fought the darkness and overcame

He wore the scars of all our shame

He willed us to follow His light

He’s here, see how He still shines bright


He loves me deeper than the sea

He loves you just as deeply

I sing His name today and tomorrow

I sing in praise no matter the sorrow



So for those of you who know me, and follow my blog, actually reading what I write about, I’ve been questioning something for some time now.

I’ve been questioning whether or not we are to pray TO Jesus, and I’ve been asking God to show me, or tell me the answer. I had a fear inside that we are NOT to put Jesus, Yeshuah, HIGHER than God in that respect. So for some time now, I’ve been seeking answers.

Well, the other night, I think I was given the answer. It did not come in the form of a deep voice speaking to me. Instead, it came to me in a nightmare, one that scared the snot out of me… but it showed me CLEARLY that even if we shouldn’t pray to Jesus INSTEAD OF GOD THE FATHER, there IS POWER IN HIS NAME! Great power, and that the use of his name JESUS, instead of Yeshuah, is OK. Both of these thoughts have worried me, that our corruption over the generations and language change of Yeshuah to Jesus, has always struck me as total DISRESPECT, but even that seemed to be cleared up for me when I woke from this nightmare. As some of you may know, I’ve struggled for years with violent pain and sad filled nightmares. MOST of which eventually come true… so with that in mind…

Here is what happened. It is the TRUTH, for I NEVER lie when it comes to God and Jesus, YHVY and Yeshuah…so just know this is exactly what happened….

I was being tortured by demons. Full out tortured, to the point of what my mind knew was pure evil rape. I was being held above my bed, floating somehow, and stretched out spread eagle… while they tortured me.  But in my mind, I INSTANTLY knew that if I banished these demons in JESUS NAME, they would be gone. SO I opened my mouth, to scream, but it was like the demons were stretching my mouth and blocking me from articulating the words. It took me several tries to formulate the words but I eventually managed to scream…”BE GONE…IN JESUS NAME I DEMAND YOU BE GONE…IN JESUS NAME I BANISH YOU!”

And BAMM… I woke up and was lying peacefully in my bed. I lay there wide awake for half an hour or so…just contemplating what had happened, and it made me realize just HOW POWERFUL JESUS’ NAME really is. And it made me realize that the use of the name Jesus, rather than Yeshuah, is just fine.

There is POWER in His Name alone, let alone realizing HE IS GOD’S OWN SON! He must have been given GREAT POWER if HE truly can banish evil demons. You may think to yourself, that oh, Debi, it was just a nightmare…but I kid you not, these were demons. And since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been told by several people to be careful, because evil will be looking for me, and when ever any one gets closer to God, evil tries even harder to destroy us. I believe it’s true, that the more I write on this blog about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, with 800 people following me, a lot of which do NOT believe as I do, I truly believe evil is looking to destroy me. I’m reaching too many people for it not to have noticed me! I think I may be drawing them, and believe me, I will turn CLOSER AND CLOSER TO GOD because of it!!! THEY WILL NOT SWAY ME! or scare me! FOR GOD SO LOVES ME!!!! THIS I KNOW!

SO…keep that in mind folks, when you are struggling with anything hard, or wondering why evil has come into your life…keep JESUS in mind. He is the SON of the MORNING, and believe me, by morning I was NEVER HAPPIER to have HIM on my side. He is also the KING of the ANGELS, so pray to HIM whenever you need angels to watch over you, or someone else. 

I have a dear friend who has told me repeatedly when I feel pain physically, or am ill…to simply say “BY JESUS’ STRIPES I AM HEALED!” And THIS thought alone was what reminded me during my nightmare that JESUS SAVES!! IT is not just a cute colloquium or silly phrase…HE SAVES!!! HE TRULY DOES!!!


A Season in Stone

A Season in Stone

sentinels standing silently

cold and unyielding

guarding without menace

yet exuding fear

within a perimeter

between smiles

cross-thatched in denial

crisscrossed in an empty threat

for no one escapes

and few desire entry

where wilting flowers once brave

abide a cold shoulder

supported by shabby tufts

echoing a span

of rapture and will

scorn and warmth

with wisdom learned

perchance passed on

perhaps wanting time

just dust in the wind

a dwarf in a universe

shortsighted and slighted

suffering instinct and passion

where a burden with weight

became a mockery of cherish

much like the stone

carved with a date

to exemplify an entire soul

already seeping softly

into the freshly turned dirt

Let it go… Let God

Finding forgiveness from one day to the next

in myself and for others is as hard as it gets.

There isn’t much in life that appears to be harder

even death can be easier to handle and find peace.

Losing a job, a friend, even a child lost in time

seems easier to process than forgiving someone.

Truly forgiving, deep down, letting it go to never return

makes us greater, stronger, able to rise above the pettiness.

Yet today I don’t seem to be able to find it in myself once again

therefore I pray, ask for strength and hope God will do the work.

Misster Kitty….



Is such a stinker. He pushes open my bedroom door, and purrs so loudly I can’t think. Then little by little he steps in, until he’s sitting just inside. Then I lean down and pet his head, rub his little face and tell him, “No, no kitties allowed in my room, you know this, now out!”

He doesn’t like this tone, tucks his head a touch, and then looks at me with such sad little eyes. I repeat myself, “OUT” and slowly push the door shut, making him move his little butt. But before I get the door all the way shut, not wanting to squish him, one little paw comes swatting through the crack as he tries to smack me!

He’s done this before, when I push him off my lap, he will swat at me, like, he thinks he can tell me “no” and stay on my lap whether I like it or not!

I have no idea where he got this smart ass attitude! It certainly can’t be from his Mother!

But, as I’m typing this, he’s sneaking right back in my room again, hoping I’m not paying attention any longer. What he doesn’t understand, is his purr is really loud! Like an engine. So he’s not as sneaky as he thinks!

Stupid cat!!!

I’m…baaaack….. lol

Well, it took a week and a half, but my sweet computer friend finally got all 8 of the nasty virus’s OFF my laptops!! Yeehaa! Now I need to run out and buy a case of Stella for him, for doing it all for free.

Sometimes the friends I have just blow my mind…they are good, kind, and giving, and more than I ever deserve. But, I pray God Blesses them in ways I never can, and just leave it at that…. I know He will!

So…on I go… lets see if I can write a sweet poem for God…

(in the next post!)

Take care all, and if by some strange chance you ended up with something on your timeline that came from my site, please delete it, for it may contain one of the virus’s that a-hole attached to my files. If its a video, don’t play it! If its a repost of someone else’s blog post, delete it. I would suggest going back a few weeks and doing this, just to be safe.  So Sorry for all the hassle. And I can’t wait for Karma to kick his ass! Really hard! lol

The Stolen Wild

Shards Of DuBois:

I was speechless…and that says a lot!! :)
Check out this blog, you will be amazed at the writing!!

Originally posted on Valour of a Hare:

One hundred years and eleven are gone since
you sent the letter
Across time and unfathomable distance
To me.
Had I known better
I never would have come
For here I find a queue, a fence,
No more do faeries hum
To slumbering trout, or dance til break of day.

Come away, o come away.

No more is the gentle quietude
Of which you fondly spoke,
Nor the peaceful solitude
To coax the rhythmic stroke
Of ink.
O my heart how she did sink
When instead of flapping herons I found
Digital frames, persistent clicks, and the clang of machinery.
Your words
Dearest friend
Are long since obsolete.

Come away, o come away.

You could not have known then what your pen would wreak
In the forthcoming times,
How it would lay bare what was beloved,
Til men came and cultivated
The waters and the wild

View original 8 more words

Their Stone Still Stands…Silent and Empty

He said He was going to do it

to wipe them from the Earth

and He did

yet no one seems to admit it

remember it or care

yet their stone still stands

silent and empty

reaching for a heaven

they will never know

for He said their spirit

shall be emptied out

the waters of their seas

would be dried up

into dunes of sand

the canes and reeds

shall wither

the fishermen shall mourn

and be ashamed

from the workers in

combed linen

to those in white lace

the very wisest

have become fools

their goals broken

for YHVY has

counseled Egypt 

and determined against it

for the death of Egypt

was for us to see

and learn 


Inspired by Isaiah Chapter 19 DSS




I will rest quietly

just as

a cloud of dew

resting on a stalk

in the rising heat

of a dazzling morn

and know

even the beasts

of the mountains

and the fowl

of the sky

will winter upon them

for every tiny thing

has a purpose


Inspired by Isaiah 18:4,5,6




teardrops tapping

one by one

dancing at the window

twinkle in the sun

a leaf in silence

sails at last free

settling softly

in soil beneath a tree

this muted motion

ushers in a chill

a kiss goodbye for now

summer’s misplaced will

green becomes blazing red

orange and yellow abound

animals scurry to nests

built yesterday or found

life simply goes on

turning in circles in space

as seasons mesh together

in a endless graceful race

The Struggle


sisters struggling

arms reaching out

our decision

a child runs about

heartache and joy

learning each day

no matter the pain

loving is the only way

every child is different

smiling or angry rants

no matter frilly dresses

or filthy dirty pants

their minds are unique

filled with gold and rust

one may be full of mistrust

the other will be just

joy and sorrow combined

it’s there from that first cry

but loving isn’t an option

the struggle ends in a sigh


How many ways can God show me… I’ll survive?


sitting by the river

just a few hours ago

the water tumbling into

a splattering roar

splashing at my feet

yet I don’t seem to care

about the debt or water

attempting to drown me

for the sun is peeking at me

through the branches above

sending me a calming love

just as an orange leaf

elegantly floats down

to become a boat

maybe for a bug or fly

to voyage across on

to a safe haven near the rocks

as I wonder

where is my boat

as each splash gurgles

and burps

something moves beneath me

and my rock

catching my eye

making me smile

as I watch the crawdad

trying to quickly sneak by

but he runs into my rock

his claws clicking

and grabs a stone

tucked under the edge

almost his size and backs up

moving it, then another,

and another, before

slipping under my rock

and sneaking down his hole

reminding me

no matter how big the rock

with enough determination

I too can move mountains

life going on….

So my computer crashed the other day… totally  bummed me out! Just having to upload everything I had before is giving me a migraine.

Just last week, I had to get a loan to have my water heater and pipes repaired, which I managed to do by begging like a whipped dog! Now I owe, I owe, ….. it’s off to work I go, for another year in debt.

But it just gets better and better, as I am driving back from purchasing a new Dell laptop, smiling at it sitting there next to me on the seat, all the way home … then I hear this noise in my engine. Oh yeah, you guessed it…

Now I need a new water pump in my pickup… to the tune of $550.00!!!

So I ask you… is it really an old wives tale that says things come in threes…. cause I’ve had enough!

My three have struck with a sucking vengeance!

Gonna have to go buy a lotto ticket to pay for all this shit!

I wonder if I wait to pay the mechanic until after he’s done, he will mind if I don’t pay at all??? Or maybe short him a few hundred?

Ah well, life goes on…  at least I will have hot water again, and won’t fall through my floor while taking a shower…and I can still write…until I have to spend every waking moment walking to and from work!!

Oh happy day!!! :)

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One…by one



blue jeans faded

like the brightness

in her eyes

a star during the day

no longer shining

sitting beneath

a gnarly ancient tree

she decides

she’s a mirror of all

the rotten apples

falling slowly


by one

as the chill sets in

a green worm

climbs out

pausing only

to decide

which path to take



sammamish and si 038


its a nag at the back of the brain

almost an itch pushing you

to the edge

an idea turning over

a leaf in a flittie wind

if he said it, himself

can you ignore it

while it drives you slowly

ever so slowly mad

circling around in a pit

of ocean raging beneath

a hurricane of incessant thought

that idea that never stops

popping up

at the strangest moments

as a slightly off stranger

catches your eye

makes you smile

at a sweet memory

then wham, there it is

or that flash of light that

tints the sky a shade

you’ve never quite seen

in a sunset, it’s there

throwing a dirty sock

into the washer

and then you start to think

good god how did that ick

get there, but it pops in again

he said it himself

and you scream inside

as you hear it

a thousand thousand times

stop thinking about it

the screaming reverberating

off the walls of your brain

shaking your skull until its loose

the matter sloshing around

then wham, there it is

he said

Love thy Lord God

with all you heart and soul

which leaves nothing for him

for to love with ALL

you must love with ALL…


thy Lord God

Glory or Grime



Glory or Grime

not a badass rhyme

just a simple climb

most of the time

doesn’t take luck

feet may get stuck

a struggle in the muck

may take a pickup truck

to pull you back out

never ever doubt

just give a shout

there’s angels about

to listen to your story

you too can rest in Glory

so reach for the sublime

crawl out of that Grime

say what? lol

Second book is online NOW…. Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

Woot Woot, my second book is up and running!!!  (Don’t download the Kindle version yet, it looks messed up and I just informed them it’s not showing properly… so it  may be a day or so before it’s ready…)


Long Before Time cover



here’s the link… in case you’re interested!!  ONLY $11.92 right now!!

my mischief…

Shards Of DuBois:

LOVE THIS… and this blog!! check it out ya’ll!! he’s such a great writer!

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my mischief

the night
i die
i’m gonna sit
on the edge
of a star
with my legs
dangling down
into the night sky
and then
with my shoes off
i’m gonna dip
my toes
into the milky way
and send waves
of star-dust
into every lover’s heart
just for a start

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A Mirror of Majesty

blue green

A Mirror of Majesty


a sculpture of ripples

of blue sky silky folds

making their way home

in a soft caress

to an echo of sand

lifting in peaceful doses

the stars resting

waiting for dusk to sink

into a sapphire fathom

in a mirrored majesty

filling the ocean and sky

with their twinkling eyes

With the Dawn


With the Dawn


after months of nothing

no call no word

a Mother sinks in darkness

worried sick

nothing at all to do

only fear rearing in ugliness

then panic sets in

as she gazes at a notice

about a foot and a shoe

the only found remains

floating silently adrift

cresting above the blue

the authorities baffled

as she reads the news

filled with heart stopping despair

making call after call

reaching out to everyone

blocking the passage of air

she prays through the night

her God her only hope

fearing the worst come true

a friend searched relentless

until in the wee hours

his call finally comes through

he’s fine or at least alive

still drug addicted and lost

as his life in darkness goes on

yet once again he wants to try

he says can I come home Mom

as his Mother weeps with the dawn

Super Sale….

One last time… I am offering this amazing stained glass creation: Eagle Rising!

This is a ONE time offer, before the Eagle will be permanently placed in my home!

I rarely state a price, but am just this once, after explaining what went into creating it!

It took 40 hours of my life to create from start to finish; the glass alone cost $400, and the piece is 180 separate pieces of glass that measure in total 3 feet by 3 feet; it is and always will be a ONE OF A KIND!!! I will include shipping costs to anywhere UPS/FedEx ship, and I will include insurance so if the piece is destroyed or damaged in any way, you will be reimbursed in full! That includes even one tiny crack in the glass!!!

Sale Price: $1800!

Keep in mind, this is a picture I took with a reflective board behind it, which is why it looks like a square lit up behind it…IT IS NOT sunlight! It is GORGEOUS in sunlight! But I cannot hold it up and take the picture at the same time… hahaha … with sunlight behind the orange/yellow/red sun in the glass, it is spectacular!!!



Email me at if interested!