The Stolen Wild

Shards Of DuBois:

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Originally posted on Valour of a Hare:

One hundred years and eleven are gone since
you sent the letter
Across time and unfathomable distance
To me.
Had I known better
I never would have come
For here I find a queue, a fence,
No more do faeries hum
To slumbering trout, or dance til break of day.

Come away, o come away.

No more is the gentle quietude
Of which you fondly spoke,
Nor the peaceful solitude
To coax the rhythmic stroke
Of ink.
O my heart how she did sink
When instead of flapping herons I found
Digital frames, persistent clicks, and the clang of machinery.
Your words
Dearest friend
Are long since obsolete.

Come away, o come away.

You could not have known then what your pen would wreak
In the forthcoming times,
How it would lay bare what was beloved,
Til men came and cultivated
The waters and the wild

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Their Stone Still Stands…Silent and Empty

He said He was going to do it

to wipe them from the Earth

and He did

yet no one seems to admit it

remember it or care

yet their stone still stands

silent and empty

reaching for a heaven

they will never know

for He said their spirit

shall be emptied out

the waters of their seas

would be dried up

into dunes of sand

the canes and reeds

shall wither

the fishermen shall mourn

and be ashamed

from the workers in

combed linen

to those in white lace

the very wisest

have become fools

their goals broken

for YHVY has

counseled Egypt 

and determined against it

for the death of Egypt

was for us to see

and learn 


Inspired by Isaiah Chapter 19 DSS




I will rest quietly

just as

a cloud of dew

resting on a stalk

in the rising heat

of a dazzling morn

and know

even the beasts

of the mountains

and the fowl

of the sky

will winter upon them

for every tiny thing

has a purpose


Inspired by Isaiah 18:4,5,6




teardrops tapping

one by one

dancing at the window

twinkle in the sun

a leaf in silence

sails at last free

settling softly

in soil beneath a tree

this muted motion

ushers in a chill

a kiss goodbye for now

summer’s misplaced will

green becomes blazing red

orange and yellow abound

animals scurry to nests

built yesterday or found

life simply goes on

turning in circles in space

as seasons mesh together

in a endless graceful race

The Struggle


sisters struggling

arms reaching out

our decision

a child runs about

heartache and joy

learning each day

no matter the pain

loving is the only way

every child is different

smiling or angry rants

no matter frilly dresses

or filthy dirty pants

their minds are unique

filled with gold and rust

one may be full of mistrust

the other will be just

joy and sorrow combined

it’s there from that first cry

but loving isn’t an option

the struggle ends in a sigh