Super Sale….

One last time… I am offering this amazing stained glass creation: Eagle Rising!

This is a ONE time offer, before the Eagle will be permanently placed in my home!

I rarely state a price, but am just this once, after explaining what went into creating it!

It took 40 hours of my life to create from start to finish; the glass alone cost $400, and the piece is 180 separate pieces of glass that measure in total 3 feet by 3 feet; it is and always will be a ONE OF A KIND!!! I will include shipping costs to anywhere UPS/FedEx ship, and I will include insurance so if the piece is destroyed or damaged in any way, you will be reimbursed in full! That includes even one tiny crack in the glass!!!

Sale Price: $1800!

Keep in mind, this is a picture I took with a reflective board behind it, which is why it looks like a square lit up behind it…IT IS NOT sunlight! It is GORGEOUS in sunlight! But I cannot hold it up and take the picture at the same time… hahaha … with sunlight behind the orange/yellow/red sun in the glass, it is spectacular!!!



Email me at if interested!

John 11:35 (Jesus Wept)

Shards Of DuBois:

Love these kids, and the fact that they are reaching kids… makes my heart soar! :)

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Jesus wept

Jesus wept. (John 11:35)

Read: Jeremiah 31:15-40, 49:34 – 51:14

Relate: I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been teaching a Sunday School class or children’s church or some other kids function and some smart aleck kid tries to convince me that the verse they were supposed to memorize was John 11:35. It seems that every kid (especially boys) learns that this is the shortest verse in the Bible sometime around 8-10 years old and they want to do their best to make sure everyone else knows it too. I can’t really blame them. I was once one of those smart aleck kids as well.

As I grew older and began to think more seriously about it, I wondered why Jesus would end up crying here. He is just moments away from raising Lazarus from the dead. You would think He would be brimming with excitement. There have…

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Shards Of DuBois:

super good one by!!

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"Jewish Graveyard III" Photo by FrederikM From

“Jewish Graveyard III”
Photo by FrederikM

I never felt wind
in a graveyard
flowers stand where they died
unscattered and dried
by the merciless
beating rays of the sun
perhaps stillness
is something ordained
by the stones
somber sentries
permitting no airstream
to move through these
wrought-iron precincts
except for the breathy
expulsion of sighs
that accompany whispers
from underneath
mounded green sod
asking “Why?”
then and now
once and over again
but no answer
has ever stirred
motionless mourning
no reason been heard
by the dutiful stones
or the listening bones
lying under their watch

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Mama Bear



a mother’s fear

as her cub wanders away

straying so far

the distance unbearable

her arms stretching out

not able to touch

no longer a guide

mountain of strength

crumbling away piece

by piece

an avalanche erupting

racing downhill

matching his path

as she watches from above

no amount of love

can breach it

or save him

far below



~ Flutter ~


how can a simple life

confuse and blind us so

racing to and fro

up and down insanity

feelings flutter

sink into a gutter

at a moments notice

hope rises up again

daring just to win

instantly fearing frailty

searching for what

hear a door shut

stumble into darkness

peek into the light

find a rare new sight

looking into the dawn

screaming we need love

yet its there waiting above

Tree of Life


Tree of Life


reliable friends are the breath of life

whispering like a scented breeze

bending our will as arms stretch out

touching like the rustle in the trees

bringing happiness to an uneven timber

with vines to grasp whenever you need

terra firma as you reach for the stars

providing nourishment like soil to a seed

a perennial listening to all your sap

swaying as you dance through the night

a tangled branch for a pensive nest

filling me with warmth like pure sunlight

so sorry…

I haven’t had time to write much. Work is kicking my butt this week. I walked 6 miles today, up and down the floor dealing with people who have lost their ever loving minds!! I kid you not, it was a zoo tonight, and in the last two weeks I’ve learned a lot, but mostly I’ve learned that I need new shoes, new squishy insoles and will have a rocking hard butt in no time!! hahaha  Looking forward to that!! It’s been sagging for some time now! In no time at all…you may even be able to see it from space! hehehehe

But I will get back to writing, right after I get some more much needed sleep and soak my feet in a bucket of ice cold water! ahhhh :)