Teach Them Well



Teach Them Well



the horror He endured

was planned far ahead

by His Father who sent Him

to die for us and said

You are my only Son

full of grace from within

You already love like I do

now go save them from their sin

it will be very painful

but only humanly so

it will last for a few days

in human time far below

but it will be so very shocking

such an amazing thing to do

they will speak of it forever

for Your love will make them new

they will weep and cry out

knowing its so very wrong

it will teach them clearly and well

that they too can belong

through faith and righteousness

they can fill their world with love

and with kindness and forgiveness

that like You… they will rise above

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Just Adoring You

an eternity stretches

beyond my heart

a beauty touches

pulling me apart



its a landslide

on a mountainside

it’s You

just adoring You


a breathless whisper

races across my soul

a windless call

echoes through my whole



I’m dreaming

then I’m screaming

for You

just adoring You


I’m coming home

I’ll never be alone

sitting below Your throne

just adoring You


sailing on a sea

soaring in a sky

reaching into blue

an amazing high


so bright

pure white

fills my sight

but it’s You

only You

just adoring You


I’m going home

I’ll never be the same

sitting below Your throne

just adoring You


(this is a song I wrote, wish I knew someone who could sing it!)  :)

They are killing us…



…AND our PLANET and we are doing NOTHING to stop it!

This is now in our water source, our gardens and our LUNGS.

If you think this is a normal cloud, you are sadly mistaken.

Why are we letting them kill us and our planet?

We may not know who is paying for it, but we certainly know it’s being done in our military aircraft.

And if they are flying… SOMEONE is ordering it… from the top of the ladder!

This is a perfect example of GEO Engineering folks! PLEASE, lets get together and MAKE IT STOP!!!

Passover began tonight…

I participated in my first Seder at sunset. It was strange, yet quite wonderful in that each step and every tiny bit of food and wine was preempted by a prayer of thanks and blessing and praising God.

Now I wait for the first BLOOD RED MOON of this year, which is around 1:45am (4-15-14). I have been told there will be 4 Blood Moon’s, 2 this year and 2 next year, something that hasn’t happened since Abe Lincoln’s time, so I’m still up, waiting to see it!

Hallelujah! Nothing like a good BLOOD MOON to get the crazies going; the wolves howling and the apocalypse predictors losing their ever lovin’ minds!!!

Enjoy All, hope you don’t miss it!

A Beam of Light

Shuffling a step that matched each rush of the waves as they reached out to him in curls. The moon stretching his shadow began to drown his Fedora, then another step and his head was consumed by a light foam. He continued on as his shoulders washed out to sea. He looked up at a billion tiny lights, inhaling slowly with a deep rattle, and wondered why the ocean was foaming at the mouth while the stars only blinked. He gazed back down and watched the sand absorbing his bare boney feet. Mesmerized by his right big toe fighting to stay above the sand, holding on for one last second before it disappeared from sight. His cough took over, continuing on until he was hunched over. He leaned on his knees catching his breath for just a second or two, before it shook his soul once more and he sank to his knees. The cold ocean water swirled around his legs, numbing them almost instantly. It reminded him of a day almost a century past when he was lost in the woods only a mile from his home. Scared and wandering in circles, he had lost feeling in his feet and hands. And just like now, he had fallen to his knees. His last memory then was watching his tears poking holes in the foot high snow while the cold moon watched. But on that day, within seconds his father had burst into view, blinding him with the light from a flashlight beam before scooping him up and running non-stop until he reached home. He hoped it would be the same today; that he would once again see his father, maybe clothed in shining light as he greeted him once again. His mother next to him, wiping the flour from her chin with her apron. Maybe even his son would come riding up on his bicycle, horn honking and pink cheeked. He watched his fingers sinking into the sand, his wedding band catching the light of the moon in a tiny flicker of light. He hoped with all his heart that MaryAnn would understand. He couldn’t go back. Not to that lime green room that stunk of disinfectant and stiff bleached sheets. He hoped she would forgive him this one last time for walking away: from her, from the room, from the slow painful hell he couldn’t endure, not one more minute. He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of evening, and smiled knowing she would see the letter in the morning. He crawled forward until the waves surrounded him’; his Fedora finally adrift and free.